Health First Studio - Fun Kids Exercise Class

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Functional training in the gym

Personal trainer, Emanuel "Manu" Poggio offers kids a fun and effective fitness program at Health First Studio in Marbella, perfect for kids aged 7 to 18 years of age. 

Kids Training Plan

Most adults associate training in the gym with weights and exercise bands.  Although that may be effective for some adults, it is unlikely to appeal to kids.  Our intention is to show kids that there is so much more to training than just weights and exercise bands...and it can be fun too!

Regular exercise is vital for developing school-aged children, who should have a minimum of two hours per week of well organized physical exercise to develop to their basic potential.  Studies show that when kids engage in regular physical fitness, they are better able to tackle the challenges of life.  But kids have different motivational drivers than adults and need an approach tailored to their needs to enable them the develop good habits at a young age.  That's the area where Health First Studio's stands out from the rest - we know kids and how to work with them effectively! 

Kids Training Class Benefits

The main benefits are: 
- Stronger muscles and bones
- Lower percentage of body fat
- Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
- A better outlook on life and tackling its challenges
- Improvement in motor skills (endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, etc)
- Development of empathy and fair play

Weekend hikes

Health First Kids Training Plan

On the first day, children receive a personal class lasting one hour to evaluate their endurance, strength and flexibility.  A specific workout plan is made and each child is placed in a group appropriate to his/her abilities.

Boys: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Girls: Mondays 5:00pm, Wednesdays 6:00pm and Fridays at 5:00pm 

One instructor is assigned to 6 children.

Cost: 80 euro per month includes one training per week and one special activity on the weekend. 

Getting outdoors with the kids

About the Kids Trainer

About Manu

Born in Agentina in 1980, Manu studied physical fitness at the University of La Plata in Argentina and received his diploma in physical education in 2003 (Profesor Universitario en Educacion Fisica, UNLP). He is licensed in high performance sport (UNLZ) and as a sport coach (FORUM).

Emanuel moved to Marbella in 2005 and has been actively training clients all around the Costa del Sol.

Sports Experience:

- Has run numerous urban and mountain marathons.
- Has trekked and mountain climbed in the highest mountains of Spain, Africa and Europe (Sierra Nevada, Kilimanjaro and French Alps)
- Enjoys swimming in open waters and regularly swims in the Mediterranean. 

Location: The gym is located in Poligono Industrial Nueva Campana.  Check out the Health First Studio page for exact contact details.

For more information please contact us.

Jan 15, 2013
Highly recommended personal trainer 
by: Franck 

Manu is one of a kind for kids or adults! Very highly recommended.Jan 15, 2013
by: Annabel 

Not only does he give 100%, he is really conscientious and just the most lovely guy EVER.Sep 29, 2012
The best trainer in Marbella 
by: Zora 

My son has been training with Manu for about 6 months now and he absolutely loves it (he even wants to train at 7am before school!). Manu has a very good understanding of not only the physical side of children, but the mental side as well. Manu is fully qualified in physical education and has gone beyond the call of duty to train as well as enhance his own knowledge in his field. 

Manu focuses on what children need to strengthen and develop their bodies, without exceeding their limits. He understands very well that children have developing bodies and different needs than adults. I like that he stresses the importance not only about strength and cardio capabilities, but stretching. Being flexible is absolutely necessary to avoid injury as well as to improve on technique. 

Manu is fantastic with children and goes beyond being just a trainer. He is a mentor and an excellent role model, particularly for boys who look up to him. Manu is a magnificent athlete himself who has his own impressive track record in sports. He has a love of sport and nature that permeates and touches everyone. 

I have been training with Manu myself and am just starting to get my daughter into his classes. My husband also is completely motivated to train with Manu, so we both understand his style, history, experience and knowledge of sport, athletics and body mechanics. We would never leave our children in the hands of any other trainer. We completely trust Manu to encourage, motivate and train our children to the highest of their capabilities knowing that he is competent and would never over extend the abilities of our children. 

I just can't praise Manu enough and highly encourage anyone (both children and adults) to meet him one day. If not to train, then to meet a very nice person.