Aloha College: Year 12 Students Visit Quiron Hospital

by Elena del Rio
(Aloha College)

Aloha College: Year 12 Students Visit Quiron Hospital

Aloha College: Year 12 Students Visit Quiron Hospital

Y12 IB and AS level students from the Science Department, Aloha College had the unique opportunity to experience recently a day in the life of a surgeon and go behind the scenes at one of Marbella’s prestigious private Quirón hospital.

While there, students observed and learned about radiography; took a stress test in the angio suite of the cardiology unit and how to interpret an ECG; diagnostic imaging; virtual colonscopia and diagnosis of cancers. In the labs, students were given the opportunity to discover their own blood type using special reagents and equipment.

Students were particularly inspired and in awe of the video footage of some surgeries and listen to the surgeon share his expert knowledge and experiences in surgery and patient care. There were many questions and answers about medicine as a career and the life of a doctor or surgeon.

The students felt privileged to have had this experience and expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Urbaneja Salas and his colleagues at the Quirón Hospital, Marbella.

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