Virgen del Carmen Festival

by Marbella Family

Boat carrying the virgin

Boat carrying the virgin

The Virgen del Carmen Festival is held on July 16, however celebrations are often held before and after that day. The festival is in honor of the Virgen del Carmen - the Patron Saint of fisherman and the sea.

In most coastal towns, the main event is usually a procession that takes the image of the Virgin out to sea on a boat. The image made of wood and porcelain spends most of the year at the local church. It is placed onto a flower adorned throne and carried by a group of men led by a brass band. The Virgin is paraded through the streets towards the water, while crowds cheer and throw white carnations onto the throne.

The throne is then placed onto a boat and paraded on the bay accompanied by local fishermen on their boats decorated with flowers and lanterns. The flowers are then thrown into the sea and fireworks shoot in the air. Often times you see locals holding onto the boat, some swimming to recover the flowers and others sharing the experience from the beach.

Because the Virgen del Carmen is the Patron of the Spanish marine force you will often see many Spanish national flags and the national anthem may be played.

In Marbella the celebration also includes a boat procession between the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella to Puerto Banus. It is also the occasion for local dance schools to display their skills in flamenco performances.

Virgin del Carmen Schedule 2015
Verbena program Virgen del Carmen in El Ingenio

Thursday, July 16

Special day dedicated exclusively to the events in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

7:00 Rosario de la Aurora Virgen del Carmen,
Led by pastor D. Manuel Roldan Lopez.

Itinerary: Church Chapel, C / José Echegaray, C / La Cantera, C / José Echegaray C / La Concha, C / La Morena, C / Julio Romero de Torres, C / García Morato, (input and output ) Julio Romero de Torres, and C / La Iglesia return to his chapel.

The neighborhood association Julio Romero de Torres is pleased to invite all those attending the Rosary of the Aurora to churros with chocolate. At the fairgrounds

19.00 Rociera outdoor Mass celebrated by the pastor
Manuel Roldan Lopez and sung by the pilgrims' group
Virgin Mother of Nueva Andalucía.

Then will begin the terrestrial maritime procession of the Virgin accompanied by the band of San Pedro Alcantara
VIRGEN DEL CARMEN with the following schedule.

Departure: From the new fairground booth, to the beach in the C / José Echegaray, until boarding on the beach through the eucalyptus trees to the beach bar "Guava"
Return: In the C / José Echegaray, C / La Cantera, Jose Echegaray, Julio Romero de Torres, C / La Iglesia and collected in his chapel.

23:00 Opening and lighting fairgrounds by
local authorities.

23.15 Dance in the cab of the showground with "ORCHESTRA EVENING"

Friday, July 17

12.00 Rockets announcing the start of the festival of the Virgen del Carmen.

17:30 Children's party, foam castle - cake and refreshments for all children in the Ingenio in c / La Morena.


22:00 Coronation and imposition of bands Queens and Children, Youth and my sympathy, as well as the Queen and King Popular Verbena 2015 Virgen del Carmen El Ingenio.


Saturday, 18 July

12.00 Rockets announcing a new day of the festival
12:00 Racing events at C / La Morena.
12:30 Sack races in the C / La Morena.
12:30 Darts Championship for women in the local association
13: 00 Spoon and egg races.


22.00 h. Dancing on the fairground booth entertained by the "ORCHESTRA Dare" and "ORCHESTRA EVENING"

22: 30h.Entrega of trophies to the winners of the DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP

Sunday July 19

12.00 Rockets announcing the last day of festival.
12:05 Childrens´ games in the local association
12:45 Musical Chairs.
14:00 Lunch for seniors of Ingenio offered by the delegation of Social Welfare.


21: 00 Performance by the dance studio of Julio Romero de Torres partnership led by Professor Marta Alvarez.

21:30 Dancing on the fairground booth entertained by the



The Board congratulates and thanks all residents and visitors a year have participated in our festival and fun until next year and to be happy and the Virgin of Carmen protect us year.

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Jul 06, 2011
Festival schedule of events
by: Marbella Family

San Pedro de Alcantara has published a schedule of events for the 2011 Virgen del Carmen Festival from July 14 to 17, 2011.

Some of the highlights...

Thursday July 14

12.00: Fireworks announcing the commencement of the XXXII Virgen del Carmen Festival
22.00: Inauguration and lighting of the fairgrounds by local authorities.
22.15: Dancing in the festival tent to the music of “Orquesta Atrévete”.
23.00: Coronation of the queens, ladies and Ms. Congeniality of the XXXII Virgen del Carmen Festival of El Ingenio 2011.

Friday July 15
12.00: Fireworks
12.00: Tug of War on Calle La Morena.
12.30: Ribbon race on C/ La Morena.
13.30: handkerchief game on C/ La Morena.
17.00: Padel tournament
20.00: Volleyball (singles vs. couples) on “Guayaba”beach.
22.00: Dancing in the tent to “Orquesta Atrévete” and “Dúo Latidos”.
23.00: Trophies for the volleyball and fishing contests.

Saturday July 16

07.00: Parade: Starting at the chapel on Calle La Iglesia, C/ José Echegaray, C/ La Cantera ,C/ José Echegaray C/ La Concha, C/ La Morena ,C/ Julio Romero de Torres, C/ García Morato, (enter and exit) Julio Romero de Torres, and C/ La Iglesia return to the chapel.

Churros and chocolate tasting.

12.00: Fireworks
12.00: Blind churros game
12.30: broom game
12.45: Treasure hunt
18.30: Open air mass at the church D. Alfredo López Barranquero.

To follow, a parade with music from the Music Band of Monda: starting at the fairground tentto the beach via C/ José Echegaray

23.00: Dancing at the fairground tent to “Orquesta Atrévete” and “Dúo Malacai”.

Sunday July 17

12.00: Fireworks
12.05: Playdough games with children
12.45: Musical chairs
12.45: water balloon game
13.30: Senior citizen lunch
19.00: Padel finals
22.00: Dancing at the fairground tent to “Orquesta Atrévete”.
23.00: Prize giving to winners of the padel and volleyball tournament.

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