The physical effects of cancer treatment | How to Manage

by Vithas Xanit International Hospital

Vithas Xanit International Hospital

Vithas Xanit International Hospital

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, one of their main worries is the oncology treatment that they are about to undergo. In the majority of cases this will be aggressive treatment which will affect their appearance, one of the most notable consequences of chemotherapy treatment for example being hair loss. There are also other, less well known side effects to be considered, including loss or reduction of facial hair (eyebrows and eye lashes) and skin dehydration.

These can have a psychological effect on the patient. This is the time when the help of a specialist can assist in restoring the patient's physical appearance to as near normal as possible, improving their self-esteem.

To support the patient through this difficult stage, Vithas Xanit International Hospital has recently launched the Oncology Aesthetics Unit. The Unit’s aim is to predict the physical consequences of oncology treatments, providing a team of professionals who can help to treat aesthetic changes resulting from them and to offer a free aesthetic assessment.

Using guidelines, medical advice and treatment specifically adapted to each person's needs we can help to find the most appropriate solution, advising each person on the most suitable style and accessories according to their complexion, body, lifestyle and the type of cancer, minimising resulting changes that may occur.

At Vithas Xanit’s Oncology Aesthetics Unit, assessment is divided into two parts; the patient’s medical diagnosis (taking into account the type of cancer, the treatment being followed and its possible consequences) and an individual study (including the patient's body shape, daily lifestyle, likes and activities).

The Unit also uses an assessment protocol relating to the stage the patient is at in their treatment, this is divided into three parts:

• Prior to treatment: skin improvement is essential, including preparation to minimise, as much as possible, changes which may occur later, whilst also informing the patient of possible solutions to any problems which might occur.

• During treatment: when unwanted changes can occur, offering the patient treatment targeted at maintaining levels of hydration and nutrition and protecting the skin.

• After treatment: The stage during which the patient is supported in returning to their usual cosmetic regime.
Oncology Aesthetics Units are of great support, helping patients to maintain their normal appearance, camouflaging the effects of treatment. The help they provide enables patients to project an image of normality, which has a positive psychological effect and in turn a positive effect on recovery from the disease. It is important for everyone to be able to choose whether or not to inform others about their condition, rather than their appearance giving their condition away.

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