Swans School Headmaster - Marbella

by Mr anonymous
(ex U.K)

Can anyone tell me why the Headmaster of Swans (senior school) left after such a short period of time? I mean he was only in charge for two and a half years before he jacked it in. Does anyone know why?

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Dec 04, 2010
Swans International School headmaster
by: Marbella Family

I never found out what happened to the old headmaster of Swans International School in Marbella, but I recently met the new one, Mr. Morisson. He was very pleasant and seemed to be very aware of his school and in control. He has spent a successful year at Swans and is still there! So that´s something already.

It´s not unusual for directors and teachers to spend a couple of years on the Costa del Sol and pack up their bags for another adventure elsewhere. In the last five years I have been here I have witnessed a high turnover rate (in general) of staff at our own school (Laude San Pedro) as well in other schools. It seems to me, that many people come out to the Costa del Sol (this goes for anyone and any profession) to have a great experience under the sun. For one reason or another, whether it´s a higher paying job or preference to live in a bigger city people tend to come and go. My own children have lost so many friends from school that they made when they were younger. Some have left to return to their home country and some have left for other schools.

The high turnover rate of staff doesn´t surprise me anymore and I don´t seem to expect anyone to stay anymore. All I can hope for is that there is a smooth transition of staff and so far, in our school, with all the ups and downs that we have had, I am satisfied. It would only surprise me to meet a teacher or headmaster who has stayed in a post for a long period of time (say 10 years or more). It´s just par for the course.

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