Stop Smoking Doctor Marbella

by Dr Alice Byram
(Marbella, Spain)

As a GP and mother to an asthmatic toddler I am very sensitive to the issue of people smoking. Whilst training as a GP in Barcelona, I set up a very successful and practical quitting smoking clinic. Every smoker is different and has different reasons for quitting. Not only that but when you lead a busy life you need a personalised treatment plan so that you enjoy taking back control and quitting smoking. What works for a party-goer does not work for a stressed-out mother whose cigarette breaks may be the only time she has for herself. A social smoker too needs different strategies.

In addition to the face to face consultations in Marbella, you also get email and sms follow-up. You can reach me easily on the go. No excuses! Unlike many other treatments offered, you get 12 months follow-up as you can only say you are an ex-smoker once you have quit for 12 months. During those 12 months we will have worked through how to cope with unexpected situations as well as your daily routine.

There is now very efficient medication which properly prescribed avoids all the cravings and stresses of quitting leaving you free to concentrate changing the habit of lighting up for something more positive. Weight gain too is controled, not by miracle diets which are time-consuming and frustrating but instead by adapting your current diet and family obligations.

Children of smokers are much more likely to smoke so take the first step and make sure you no longer have to say "Do as I say, not as I do".
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