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Family golfing: how to save on your trip to marbella

Spain is a natural hotspot for family vacations and novice-to-serious golfers. The warm climate is a beautiful setting for family fun, beaches, an incredible landscape and some of Europe's best waterparks - getting there from the UK is easy, but if you start to miss home comforts how simple is it to have them shipped out to you? Below is everything you need to know about shipping to Spain without breaking the bank. Ideal for everyone from golfers and holiday-makers to ex-pats looking to set up a new life in the sun.  

Send your luggage and golf clubs ahead

Marbella is surrounded by some of Spain’s most impressive golf courses, including the award winning Finca Cortestin, La Zagaleta and Marbella G&CC. With the lure of such beautiful tree lined courses, fabulous hotels and sun soaked beaches – ensuring every element of your trip is as peaceful as the last should be a priority. 

Why not start at the airport? By having your family’s luggage and clubs shipped ahead of you, you are only required to land, jump in a taxi and head straight to the course or hotel. No waiting at luggage claim for you, and no excess baggage and handling fees from the airlines. 

Shipping to Spain - Customs

The good news is that as Spain is in the EU and so is the UK (for now at least) anything you ship there will not be subject to duties or taxes, so you’re saving already! All you have to concern yourself with is the suitability of your goods for crossing the border.

For a start you should always check Spain's customs website to make sure the goods you wish to ship are not restricted or prohibited. Restricted items may require a special license in order for you to import them, while prohibited items are completely banned. 

Here are some examples of restricted goods: 

  • Baby milk and powder: okay to import as long as it is wrapped in the brand packaging and does not need to be refrigerated prior to opening. 
  • Medication: for personal use only. 
  • Jewellery: Precious jewellery is highly restricted. As long as the value does not exceed $500 then it should be okay, but you may want to check with your carrier before sending. 

Keep everything safe

Keeping your items safe while in transit is very important, especially if the items are precious or delicate, like a gift for a loved one. Although you may want to make savings at this stage beware that this could be a false economy – if your goods are damaged because you scrimped on the correct packaging you could end up losing more money than you potentially saved.

To ensure that your parcel weathers the bumps and knocks of international shipping just follow these steps:

Materials needed: 

  • Bubble wrap 
  • Packaging Tape 
  • A new double ply box 
  • or a strong, well supported old box
  • Scissors 
  • Packaging Chips or Newspaper 

A general guide on how to pack

With any item the idea here is to suspend it inside 2 inches of packaging within the box. Your goods will pass through various sorting and shipping depots on their way to Spain, so make sure you do this right. 

Take your item and wrap it in bubble wrap and secure with plenty of packaging tape. This will be your primary protection, so ensure it is well wrapped. Now, layer the bottom of your new box in packaging chips or newspaper and place your wrapped item on top. Fill in the remaining space around your item with more packaging chips and then seal the box with packaging tape. Make sure to secure all flaps and seams and then wrap it 3 times in each direction - much like a union jack flag. 

Top Tip: The same rule applies for multiple items in one box. Just make sure they are wrapped individually, especially if you are sending glass, and do not touch the inner walls of the box. Feeling confident? Drop your box from waist height onto the floor - nothing should move! 

Send Ahead, Relax Faster, Putt Quicker 

Avoid excess luggage charges when travelling to Spain and have your stuff waiting for you when you arrive by sending it by courier instead. 

By sending your items ahead to your accommodation, or any destination for that matter, you are free to only check in hand luggage and concentrate on simply getting yourself there. From golf clubs, to suitcases, instead of struggling through the airport with them and into a taxi the other side, why not just have them picked up from your home and waiting for you at your hotel? It saves on money, time and hassle - leaving you more time to enjoy your holiday, take care of the kids and get to tee off. 

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