Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales

by Steve Russell

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) is an assessment that can be used to better understand situations where there is an undiagnosed learning difficulty with a student. The test can be conducted in Marbella with a local expert who can help you develop a strategy to help children and adults of all ages improve their learning skills.

Switched on parents already know when something is amiss, and/or their kids have already been tested for other difficulties. They welcome the opportunity for positive change. More recalcitrant parents, with gentle persuasion, are willing to allow their kids to be tested and once they see the results, they are thankful.

The genesis of the RIAS was to create a highly accurate, yet easy to administer and relatively inexpensive, cognitive test at American primary through high schools for entire cohorts of students in one go. Today, the RIAS is used worldwide. Four general aspects are examined: Composite Intelligence, Verbal and Non-verbal cognition, and Memory as related to cognition.

The RIAS is scaled in such a way that it can be administered to anyone from three to 94 years of age. It correlates very highly with other well known — and legitimate — Intelligence and cognitive tests, and has passed extensive peer review. It is administered by a qualified and trained clinician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

The RIAS is not available online, in fact, all of the freebie “IQ tests” found on the Internet are overly simplified and largely bogus.

Now, here is the tricky bit: cultural bias.

Unfortunately, there are parents who are in complete denial and dead set against what they see as an invasion of their family and a violation of their personal and private space. This stems from a combination of culture and negative stigma towards the revelation that there may be a “mental health”, or genetic issues within the family. That is, the fear of admitting to this issue is a cause for shame and ostracism in their community, and even among family members.

Some very bright students also request to be tested because they are curious. Mensa does accept the RIAS as a qualifier for their “Genius” status and membership.

For the students with found difficulties, it is like being set free from prison; the change in knowledge acquisition, confidence and well being is remarkable.

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Oct 19, 2016
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