Oddmund Berger - Everyone Communicates - Few Connect!

by Oddmund Berger

Oddmund Berger

Oddmund Berger

We are happy to announce that we are holding our 5th seminar with Oddmund Berger on March 12, 2011 and we would like to welcome you, your friends, family and colleagues to join us!

The topic this time will be: "Everyone Communicates - Few Connect!" Oddmund Berger will be talking about the importance of communication, and how the right way of communicating will help you connect with people on a sub-conscious level, not only on an intellectual level.

Communication is a skill that we can not avoid using throughout our whole life, so why not make the most out of it? If we want to be better liked and more appreciated by other people. If we want to succeed in any area privately as well as professionally - if you want to find your life partner (or keep the one you have), win more friends and influence people in any way - our ability to communicate our ideas, our products, our services, and our "person" is a key to having the success we want.

Time: Saturday 12 March 2011 at 13.00 – 16.00. Seminar is set in an informal atmosphere. Eat tapas, and socialize with Oddmund and other participants afterwards, from 16.00 to approximately 18.00.

Language: The seminar will be taught in English.

Registration: Payment to Mona by 5 March
2011 latest. Only 40 places

Entrance: 40 euros (includes coffee/tea and tapas)

Location: Family Siesta - Diseminado 78 El Chaparral, Fuengirola. Contact Mona for directions and more information
Email: mona@familysiesta.no, or
Tel: +34 619 809 611.

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Oddmund Berger is an International Consultant, coach and teacher. With 23 years of study in the field of human potential, Berger is a leader in the area of transformational personal and career development. He holds a Master?s Degree in International Marketing and Management and his past experience includes 7 years with IBM, where he held positions in sales and management consulting working with medium to large corporations. He also served 5 years as Executive Vice President, International Sales Director and member of the Board of Directors for Bennet BTI Nordic where he was responsible for billions in sales to international corporations.

Self employed since 1999, Berger built a distribution network within the health and wellness industry with sales in the millions spanning 16 countries. He was named European Distributor of the Year in 2004/2005 for excellent leadership and results.

Berger is the cofounder and owner of LifeSuccess Nordic and now coaches individuals, executives and athletes on improving their performance and achieving their optimum professional and personal growth potential.

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Sep 23, 2016
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by: MarbellaFamilyFun.com

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Have Fun!

Mar 15, 2011
Great - again!
by: Mona

This is the 5th seminar with Oddmund Berger I have been to, and it keeps getting better and better. Oddmund shares his knowledge in a fun, entertaining way, adding experiences from his own life and those of his friends. And, even though I have heard him speak five times now, I still learn something new.

I have also read his book, and I keep reading it. Because it is true as he says; The next time you read it you might be a different person as you have moved one step in another direction, or you might have a different goal you are working towards...

The seminar was held in quiet, tranquile surroundings. The room has character and you feel comfortable and relaxed. The tapas and coffe after the seminar is great, not only to get some questions answered by Oddmund, but also to mingle and meet interesting new people!

Mar 15, 2011
food for thought !!
by: Alison

I really enjoyed the afternoon, the talk from Oddmund, the lovely room, the gentle atmosphere and all the friendly people that I met.
Lots of work to do though, to follow through on things that were mentioned .... lots of food for thought !!

Mar 12, 2011
Enlightening seminar
by: Zora

What a great seminar! Oddmund was truly enlightening with his calm senstive manner, explanations and personal stories on how we can all improve our communications skills. I immediately came home to my kids and told them the same stories. I looked them in the eyes, used a positive tone in my voice and had them totally engaged. I´m not sure if it was the funny stories I relayed or if it was my newly found skills from Oddmund, but I completely connected with my own children. Normally, they would be bored by some of these adult subjects, but it was great to see them respond so positively.

Right after my little lecture to them we all went outdoors for a bit of fun and games. Normally, they would ask to hit the TV and Xbox again, but something must´ve really clicked with all of us. We were all connected at that moment and had a fun rest of the day.

Thank you Oddmund for the informative talk and my new powers of communication! If you ever have another lecture in the area I would definitely come again and recommend you to anyone. It would be really interesting if you could come up with a lecture specifically geared towards children...say ages 10-16. I think learning communication skills at an early age is essential to growing up and just as an important skill as learning how to use a fork and knife. Think about it!

Two thumbs up!!

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