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Welcome to Marbella Top 5 lists. I’m the 9 year old girl of the family and I have created this page about all the things I like.

Wherever you are in the world, let me know if your top lists would be similar. If they are not, please share your own lists with me.

Books - Games - Restaurants - Misc.

Top 5 Books

  • Island of blue dolphins: I like this book because it has nice descriptions and there isn’t too much speech so it tells you a lot about the setting, the character, etc. It is quite a sad story but like most books the end is happy.
  • Clarice Bean, utterly me: This book is kind of funny and that’s what I like about it. It’s also a book that is quite easy to read so I finish them quickly.
  • A wrinkle in time: I like this book because it is an adventure story (which I like). But at some points you just don’t understand and you have to read over and over again.
  • Nancy drew and the hardy boys: This book is an action story. Nancy and her friends are at a concert and they find a mystery to solve and they do!
  • Anne of green gables: There is a lot of speech in this book but that is sometimes good. The most interesting part is the girl(Anne) she always talks and talks and it is interesting but sometimes you want to hear more of the story instead.

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Top 5 Games

  • Penguin diner: In this game you have to get more or the same amount of money as the boss says. You get the money by serving the penguins the food they want in a short amount of time.
  • Club penguin: This is a game where you make your own virtual penguin and lives in a virtual world. On club penguin you can decorate your house, talk with friends, buy clothes, play games, etc.
  • Poptropica: Poptropica is a virtual world where you have to complete different missions in different places.
  • Papa’s pizzeria: In this game you make the pizza the customers want. First, you put on the ingredients. Next, you put it in the oven but you check how long they want it cooked. Finaly, you cut the pizza the way they want.
  • I love to make chili burgers on this site.

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Top 5 Marbella Restaurants

  • Picasso pizza The pizza is big but delicious. My favourite dish is the penne pasta but sometimes I have to share with my brother. The service is kind and fast. It is so good there is usually a line!
  • Tepanyaki Osaka I love sushi, it is one of my favourite foods. At Osaka, you can get the best sushi. You can also have the tepanyaki show where they cook the food in front of your face. At the end kids get a little sun umbrella or a lollipop.
  • Passion café They have really good pancakes for breakfast but they also serve bagels, eggs, muffins, etc. It is all really good. For lunch they have the triple decker sandwich, which I love.
  • Nuevo Siglo At this restaurant they serve you Chinese food that I like. They have noodles, duck, beef, dim-sum, spring rolls, etc. The service is kind and the place is clean. The temperature is good unless you sit by the window with sun.
  • Los Sardinales This restaurant is right next to the beach so the kids can go to the beach while waiting for the food to come. The food is really good especially the paella. The service is nice. If you sit outside you have the sun unless you sit in the shade, and inside it is cooler unless you sit by the window with sun.

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Top 5 Miscellaneous

  • Top 5 Food: Sushi, chinese, pizza, sea food, pancakes.
  • Top 5 Candies: Truffles, Ferrero rocher, juicy drop pops, lindt lindor, kinder bueno.

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