Sotogrande School girls' uniforms needed please!

by Sarah Diggins

I have 3 girls about to start Sotogrande school and would love to know if anyone has the following please:

(I have the skirts so don't need these!)

Girl's full set Age 6-7

Girl's full set Age 10-11 (for a very tall slim 8 year old!)

Girl's full set Age 11-12

Thank you!

Also I would love to introduce my eldest who is going into Year 6 to others in Year 6 as she's very nervous about making friends and so if you are able to and would like to meet up in the holidays that would be fab, thanks! We have just moved to Sotogrande Costa.

Sarah Diggins Tel 956 794 565

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Apr 15, 2011
thank you
by: Sarah

thank you but I can't find this - could you tell me what it is called please?

Apr 14, 2011
Facebook group for Sotogrande mums
by: Marbella Mums

there is a Facebook Group for Sotogrande Mums, you could also try

Apr 14, 2011
sotogrande friends
by: Marbella Family

Hello Sarah and welcome to the Sotogrande! We have posted your request on our Facebook page. We often get quick answers here. Please join us there and see what comes up! Click here to see our Facebook page and click "Like" to follow Marbella Family Fun. It´s a fun interactive way to see what´s going on on the Costa del Sol.

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