Laude San Pedro - Need uniforms


Does anyone have any used items that would be suitable for the following?

Two boys (Years one and two, but both quite small)

One girl (Year six)

One girl (Year ten, slim)

All four start in September, so any help would be most appreciated. Please contact if you have anything.

Thank you

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Oct 18, 2012
Laude girl school uniforms
by: Edna

Call me Edna Carson 673784145. I have all sorts of uniforms in good Condition ,Junior and secondary all girls . I have one or two boys sort aged 3-4 .
many thanks

Aug 14, 2011
used Laude uniforms
by: Zora

I just got rid of a bunch of extra uniforms that someone passed on to me. I left them at the lost and found of the school. Maybe you can pop in there (it´s a shelf across from the uniform shop) and see if there is anything left. There were a few things that were still in good condition.

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