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by Marbella Family

The Marbella butcher Carniceria Andres is one of the best places to buy fresh meat, chicken and ham (jamon) in Marbella. I discovered this place several months ago after hearing about it from so many others.

I am a bit of a nit pick when it comes to meat and always try to find the most natural options. When I first walked in I asked if there were any ecological products. I was told that none of the items were certified as ecological, but was assured that the animals roam outdoors, so are eating what is outdoors (I assume grass and shrubs), and that they are treated very well. I was welcomed to speak with the owner to ask more questions, but my curiousity had been waned and I was satisfied to give it a go.

My first purchase were 4 legs of lamb (I had guests coming that evening) and I was shocked to pay approximately 25-30 euro. I normally spend 18 euro on just one leg at Hipercor and La Cañada.

To give you an idea on the price of solomillo (sirloin), today I spent 25 euro on 700 gram (approximately 6 steaks), which is approximatey the same as most other places. What I am not sure about the other places is where the meat is coming from, so I prefer to buy it from Carniceria Andres.

We have been having loads of barbeques and every time our guests are astonished with what we have served and each and everything we buy is a total success.

What I also like about this Marbella butcher is the staff is so knowledgable and very patient to answer any questions you have. They always give great advice on how to prepare your meat.

There is always a line at this butcher so scroll down to see the hours. And it´s a bit difficult to find it the first time, so scroll down to find directions.

Only step I have to take next is to actually visit the farm myself to see if all this is too good to be true, but in the meantime I am buying my meat at Carniceria Andres.

Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 8:30pm with a break from 2:00 - 5:00.
Fridays they´re open all day.
Saturdays 8:30am - 3:00pm.

There is usually always a line at this butcher, so don´t go when you are in a rush. However, I am told by the butcher the best time to go is from 3:00- 5:00 on a Friday. That´s when things are at their quietest.

How to get there: You will find Carniceria Andres on the corner of Avda. de José María Torres Marcián and Calle Andrés Segovia. If you exit the AP7 highway at La Cañada, take the road down as if you are going to the center of Marbella. After you pass the Plaza de Toros (Marbella bullring) take the first streetlight left on Calle San Bernabé. Here you will pass the cemetary on your left and turn at the second streetlight on Calle José Iturbi.

From here you can start looking for a parking space and can walk. There is a parking lot dedicated to the apartments and shops on your left with a little park bench and tree in the middle. I always find a parking space around here, so you shouldn´t have too much trouble.

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Apr 20, 2013
Marbella butchers
by: Piers

Guillermo (the Dutch butcher) at la Heredia is definitely the best but his prices are at the opposite end of the scale to Carnicas Andres.
2 weeks ago I bought 3 kg of entraña and vacío from Carnicas Andrés (to include 6 eggs & 150g of good ham) and the bill was under €30 whereas I doubt that a. Guillermo would sell those cuts and b. if he did they'd be much more expensive.

Aug 28, 2012
La Heredia butcher Marbella
by: Gon

THE butcher in la heredia is very good

Aug 28, 2012
La Heridia Dutch butcher
by: Omaya

I get meat at the Dutch butcher in La Heredia, called Guillermo. Fantastic meat that literally melts in your mouth!

They only have grass fed, it's local and Guillermo selects the animals. Try it you will love it! I never had such good meat even when living in France or Switzerland.

They close at 6pm on week days and are only opened in the mornings on Saturdays.

Aug 19, 2012
The best. For price quality ratio
by: Richard

I prefer the halal on Pepe Orsario in San Pedro de Alcantara for flavor and quality...also a touch of Moroccan ...home made moroccan bread in the mornings...but Andres in by far number one for price quality.

Jan 27, 2012
Great $$$
by: Sue

Very nice people, bought a lot of different items for a very little $$'s

Jul 19, 2011
Best butcher in town
by: Nataly

Absolutely agree, simply the best! :)

Jul 18, 2011
una maza
by: Matias

esa carniceria es una maza yo compre ahi

Jul 18, 2011
Jose Maria Torres Muriano
by: Joanna

jose maria torres murciano . Theres another one in the area of santa marta which is bigger and usually has less queues but its more difficult to park its just round the corner from the bridge and the divina pastora church. xx

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