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Professional Beauticians, Hair Stylists, Wellness Experts and Spa staff are in high demand in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

If you want to connect with hotels, companies and other organisations looking for your specific skills, post your details to the Marbella Beauticians board below. This Job Board is ranked #1 for Marbella so your profile will be noticed by potential employers. Also, check out our top tips to reaching potential employers in Marbella here.

You can choose to be contacted directly or use this platform to communicate with interested parties. Good luck to your next career move on the Costa del Sol!

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Tips to make your profile stand out

Your relevant experience is important, however, rather than simply cutting and pasting your CV, we suggest that you:

• Share a bit of background about yourself
• Make sure your profile is real and authentic
• Highlight what makes you the best candidate for the role

This service is currently free, however, DO NOT FORGET to enter your email address by ticking the box "Notify me when...someone comments on my contribution" after you click the SUBMIT button. If you do not leave an email address, we will be unable to validate your submission.

Business in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol is growing. Now is the perfect time to start looking for new opportunities!

Recently posted profiles to this Job Board

Click below to see entries from others who have posted their details on this site. Good luck on your job search!

AVAILABLE: Experienced Beauty Therapist and Brow Expert  
Hello.! I'm looking for a role as a beauty therapist in Costa del Sol this summer. I always strive for100% satisfaction in my work. I'm a hard-working, …

AVAILABLE: Experienced hairdresser and colour specialist  
I am a hairdresser and colour specialist looking for a full time or part time role. I have over 20 years of experience through hairdressing education …

AVAILABLE: Makeup Artist or Barmaid 
I'm looking for work as a makeup artist or as a barmaid. I feel I'm a great candidate as I'm outgoing, welcoming and have a positive attitude. I can …

AVAILABLE: Makeup artist in Marbella 
Looking for a role as a makeup artist or office worker. I'm a dedicated worker, making everything i do the best it can possibly be. Proud in the work …

AVAILABLE: Hairdresser 
Type of role you are looking for: Hairdressing self employed 50/50 What makes you a great candidate: firstly I'm gay and male and every woman loves …

Experienced beauty therapist for Marbella 
I'm looking for a role as a beauty therapist. I'm enthusiastic, very bubbly, reliable and always with a "can do attitude"! Previous experience: Waitress, …

AVAILABLE: Tony & Guy Hairdresser in Marbella 
I am looking for a role as a hairdresser, I have worked at Toni and Guy in England for the past 8 years, as a colour technician. I love doing hair and …

AVAILABLE: Mayfair Sassoon Stylist 
Managing cum senior stylist Have a look and see my background at: My time has come to live in the sunshine. Previous experience: …

AVAILABLE: Beauty therapist / waitress/ personal assistant 
I am looking for a job in marbella, I have the key skills to be a waitress, a very good beauty therapist or a very efficient personal assistant. I strive …

AVAILBALE: Hairdresser or Bar Maid in Marbella 
I'm available for a position in a hair salon or as a bar maid. If you have a role, contact me at: DATE: April 2016

AVAILABLE: Hairdresser from New Zealand 
I am looking for a job in the hairdressing industry. Full or part time or even seasonal. I've been in the industry for over 20 years with roles from senior …

AVAILABLE: Hairdresser 
I'm looking for a hairdressing job in Marbella, prefer Puerto Banus. I've been qualified for 10 years know and love my job and just want to have experience …

Jenny - beauty therapist Not rated yet
Hi there, I have been in the beauty industry for many years. I specialise in many beauty treatments: Hot / strip wax (inc intimate) Eyelash perming Eyebrow …

CANDIDATE: Eyelash Technician Not rated yet
I am looking for a job in costa del sol. I live in Fuengirola so it would be nice if it were nearly here.(Benalmadena,Fuengirola,Mijas) I love my job and …

CANDIDATE: Makeup Artist Full Time Not rated yet
I'm an experienced makeup artist, worked as a brand trainer for Bobbi Brown in Portugal for 11 years, now working as a Senior makeup artist and trainer …

Urgently Looking For A Therapy Room Not rated yet
Type of role you are looking for: Therapies and Wellness What makes you a great candidate: 20 years of experience Previous experience: Spas and …

Make up artist Not rated yet
Make up artist I have many great ideas of make ups. The basic sounds pretty boring that's why experiment is the key for everyone to figure out witch …

Personal Growth Specialist & Hypnotherapist Not rated yet
I am a coach, counsellor, mind therapist, hypnotherapist and help people to become a better version of themselves. I have excellent references and over …

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