Laude school calendar 2011 - 2012

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Here we post useful information on the San Pedro International College Laude school calendar 2011 - 2012. If you find this helpful or have some more suggestions, please let us know!


First day of school: Thursday 1 September

National Holiday (Día de la Hispanidad): Wednesday 12 October

Half term: Monday 17 October – Friday 21 October inclusive

National holiday (All Saints Day): Tuesday 1 November

School holiday & national holiday (Día de la Constitución & Immaculate Conception): Tuesday 6 December – Thursday 8 December inclusive

Last day of autumn term: Friday 16 December

Christmas holiday: Monday 19 December – Friday 6 January inclusive


First day of spring term: Monday 9 January

Half term: Monday 27 February – Friday 2 March inclusive

Last day of spring term: Friday 30 March

Easter holiday: Monday 2 April – Friday 13 April inclusive


First day of summer term: Monday 16 April

National holiday: Tuesday 1 May

Local Holiday (San Bernabé): Monday 11 June

Last day of summer term: Friday 29 June

In addition, there will be one day of teacher professional development, which will be a non-school day for students. The date is as yet unscheduled but is likely to fall in October or November.

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