It's a Dog's Life in Andalucia book

by Julie Curran

It's a Dog's Life in Andalucia book

It's a Dog's Life in Andalucia book

It's a Dog's Life in Andalucia. This book is on sale at Bookworld Espana - Puerto Banus

Here is a little excerpt from the book to entice you!


I'd had a wonderful day, but suddenly found myself lost and alone. Where was everybody? Where were my family when I needed them most?

I know I wasn't the most well behaved little dog, but I was a very friendly type of girl, I never growled or snapped at anyone. In fact I was quite handsome for a West Highland Terrier, (if a girl can be considered handsome that is) with a white fluffy coat, which resembled a polar bear, well it would do if I didn't have that big ginger patch in the middle of my back. (I've never liked that splodge. One day I may consider having some kind of cosmetic surgery to remove it). I was always happy and cheerful, and never lost my temper, so why would anyone want to abandon me?

I had butterflies in my stomach and felt sick at the thought of being alone in the world. I badly wanted my family to come back and rescue me, but home had never felt so far away. I just wished I could close my eyes and transport myself there, like they do in Star Trek, and when I got back I'd promise never to be naughty again.

On sale at Bookworld Espana - Puerto Banus

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Continuation of chapter one

My main problem was the amount of time I spent home on my own. I was lonely, so had to keep myself occupied, I'd think of games to play whilsteveryone was out. There were two games I Particularly enjoyed, the first one was called 'chase the cushion'. In order to play you had to search for as many cushions as you could find, throw them in the air as high as possible, and then catch them between your teeth before they bounced onto the floor. It wasn't my fault those stupid cushions started falling apart!

Nov 12, 2011
chapter one continued
by: julie curran

Continuation of chapter one...

You may be wondering who my family were, where I lived, and what problems I caused, and when I try to remember, it seems such a long time ago, but it was with them my life began.

There was Mum and Dad,whom I called Mama and Papa and Ana and Jose, my brother and sister. Ana was a very pretty blonde ten year old andJose was twelve, he was as dark as she was fair. We lived in a big house in Spain, I'm not sure where exactly but the streets were always full of people and the trafic was noisy and scary, so I think it must have been in a big city in Andalucia. Ana and Jose loved me or I'd like to think they did, but I'm not so sure about Mama and Papa. I know they liked me, but I'm certain they would have preferred me to to have been a little better behaved

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