How to register your pet in Spain

by Sunshine Entreprise
(Marbella, Spain)

If you have a dog or a cat that you either brought from your country to Spain or that you recently adopted here in Spain, you need to get your animal registered here. Every dog and cat has to have a microchip according to Spanish law. This microchip is used to register the animal to your name and address here in Spain, as well as to record annual rabies vaccines and echinococcus treatments. Every registration, reregistration and recording is done using the microchip number at a veterinary clinic. Registration needs to happen regardless of whether or not your animal already has a microchip from your country or is getting a new Spanish microchip.

Registration of the microchip requires the filling out of “RAIA’s microchip registration form”, which is usually done at the veterinary office. RAIA stands for Registro Andaluz de Identificación Animal (Andalusian Animal Registration Registry). In order to fill this form out the veterinarian will need:
• Your NIE and passport
• Your current address here in Spain
• At least one Spanish telephone number
15 € - registration fee, required by RAIA
• Either the already implanted microchip number or your animal to implant a new microchip, a new microchip costs about 20€.

Should your animal fall under the category "Potentially Dangerous Dog Breed", the above steps still apply, however, a more detailed registration is required by Spanish law.
The "Potentially Dangerous Dog Breed" are:

• American Pitbull
• Rottweiler
• Dogo Argentino
• Staffordshire Bull Terrier
• Tosa Inu
• Bullmastiff
• American Staffordshire
• Akira Inu
• Doberman
• Fila Brasileño
• Presa Canario
• Napoleón Mastiff

The following things are required to complete registration for a “Potentially Dangerous Dog”:
Application for the license to have a “Potentially Dangerous Dog Breed” – can be picked up at your local Town Hall
Copy of your NIE and Passport
The pink copy of the microchip registration form
Certificate of good standing
Certificate of physical and psychological ability to have this type of dog – acquired from a Spanish physician, costs about 40€
Copy of insurance for the civil responsibility regarding the dog – cost depend on breed but needs to cover at least 175.000€ in personal and material damages
Certificate that the animal is healthy – your veterinarian will fill this out, costs about 20€

With all of this paperwork you go to your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and hand it in. Once approved they mail you, through the normal mail, a letter of approval. With this letter of approval you go back to your veterinarian and have them scan it in and attach it to your dog’s RAIA registration online.
Usually RAIA sends out a green, credit card type format, registration card. Have this card with you AT ALL TIMES. It is good for five years and if you do not have this card, you can get a fine of about 3.000€.
Please do not forget, that all "Potentially Dangerous Dogs" need to wear a muzzle in public at all times.
If you need help with any of the paperwork, please contact Sunshine Enterprise Marbella. This article was written in collaboration with:
Clinica Veterinaria Estepona

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Jul 15, 2016
Definition of dangerous dog breeds in Spain
by: Sunshine Enterprises Marbella

SE Marbella I would like to take the time to explain to you why we included Bullmastiff in this article:

Our good friend was fined 3.000 Euros for having her Bullmastiff not registered as a dangerous dog. Why did the police fine her? Good question! Because Tucker fulfills most of the following features (given to us by RAIA!):

1) has short hair
2) has a big jaw line
3) has a big cheats
4) has well defined muscles and is very strong
5) weights over 20kg and is over 40cm tall
6) has a big neck
7) has robust legs
8) has a big head

Here in Spain any dog that fulfills the majority of these features is considered a "dangerous dog breed".

The police do not care if his/her breed is on the list, neither do they care if a dog is actually a pure breed.

To avoid people calling their Pit Bull - Labrador mix a Labrador they go after the good old principle of "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck" you will not get away with calling it a pigeon. Our friend tried and did not succeed, she had to pay and still register her dog.

I am very glad if most people did not have to make this experience. It is up to every persons discretion if they want to register their pet or not. I would rather be save than sorry.

With this mind you are right that Bullmastiff is not "technically" on the list but "practically" can be considered a "dangerous dog breed". Sadly this also hold true for Boxers and may other dogs. It is up to the polices discretion to fine you and make you register your dog.

Jul 14, 2016
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