Health insurance while vacationing in Marbella?

by Martina

We'll be in Marbella for two months. Is it enough for my family health insurance EU from our country or we would have had to arrange to another one? Or offering something of a local hospital?

Thank you!

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Jun 18, 2015
Peace of mind during your holiday in Marbella
by: Marbella Family Fun

Hello Martina,

You ask a question that is frequently posted to our portal. Hopefully you're time here will be trouble-free, however, it is good to be prepared for emergencies as they can come up. The more well prepared you are, the better.

Two resources we can recommend you to check in preparation for your holiday:

Helicopteros Sanitarios: offers emergency insurance used by thousands of families here. They have a fleet of Ambulances and English-speaking medical professionals. The will even make house calls so you don't have to worry about finding the hospital.

Op de Beeck & Worth: is a local expert on health insurance solutions. They've operated here in Marbella for over 20 years and understand all the details about health insurance coverage for EU residents who are vacationing here.

We hope that helps and that you have a fantastic holiday on the Costa del Sol.

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