Good Morning Marbella

by Marbella Family

October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011

I think we all are starting to feel as if winter is starting to settle in. After the big rain fall we had last weekend the clouds have parted and I was off on another walk with my dog this morning.

It was very chilly and I had my big coat and wellies on, just in case. The forecast is good today with clear skies and temperatures reaching 22 degrees, however, tomorrow we´re expecting rain again. So if you want to get outdoors, do it today, otherwise you may have to wait until the weekend.

As I was walking down the paseo I noticed a little tent. Could there really be people still camping? What in the world did they do when it started to pour? And did you notice the upturned shopping cart? Hmmm...

Another funny thing I came upon this morning on the beach in San Pedro was these new recycling bins in the middle of the sandy area of the beach. Click on the photo above to get a better look. There are four bins. For glass (black), plastic (yellow), paper (blue) and waste (green). You can see a sign posted explaining in short the amount of time for a plastic bag or cigarette butt to decompose to encourage visitors to recycle instead of leaving their garbage on the sand. I think it´s a great initiative. What do you think? (add your comments below).

Buenos Dias Marbella!

September 8, 2011

Phew! Another summer has come and gone. It´s been a while since my last posting, but with all the guests in town and the kids out of school poor Rusty hasn´t gone on a morning walk in a while. The summer has been really hot, so we´ve been sticking to evening walks all holiday.

Now the kids are back into their routines and the guests have pittered out so our dog is happy to return to the Paseo de San Pedro for his regular walks...and so am I.

It is a lovely morning here in Marbella and people are still out in force on the boardwalk staying fit and taking out their pets. After I drop off the kids at school I take my bike down the avenue that leads from San Pedro center to the beach. There is a nice grassy area where my dog likes to sniff around and take his time to get to our destination. I was really appauled to see how much garbage is left around. There must be people who come hang out in the evening and simply don´t pick up after themselves. I see beer bottles, McDonalds bags, sunflower seeds spit out on the floor, plastic bags... It´s really sad that these people don´t pick up after themselves and leave a dirty mess behind. It´s really unpleasant for those of us who enjoy getting out in the morning. What´s more, I saw two mice run across my path into a tree. So the garbage seems to attract rodents. (If you click on the photos above, you´ll see what I mean).

Maybe some day there will be a local campaign to try and educate people to not litter.

June 17, 2011

What´s with the weather these days? We´ve been waking up to heavy fog here on the beachside. The good news is that it eventually burns off and we´re back to sunny days again. Even if you drive a mile or so out you don´t have this kind of fog. I went the the San Pedro market yesterday and noticed that there was not bit of fog.

The other good news is that if you are staying fit, then playing padel or jogging is absolutely fabulous in this weather, because our mornings have been pretty hot lately. So all this fog isn´t such a bad thing. It is only a bit creepy when you are out on the beach and can hardly see in front of you.

May 24, 2011
Wow, the weather has just been phenomenal for the past several weeks, with the exception of that rainstorm we had last Thursday. Other than that, it´s been blue skies and sunshine.

Today´s walk on the beach this morning was all about exercise and getting fit for that bikini and swim trunks. It seemed as though everyone was either jogging or biking or doing sit-ups all around me. Even the walkers were going at a much brisker pace.

I managed to get outdoors again (how could you not with weather this amazing?) this afternoon and the winds were up and snow caps on the sea, but everyone was out in full force soaking up the sun. There were kids in the water and sunbathers already way ahead of their tans. Beach umbrellas were out, kids building their sandcastles and young men playing football. It really feels like summer is already here...only the weather is ideal. August will be much hotter and more people will be out, so if you´re in Marbella during this time, enjoy! Not too many tourists, not too hot and you still feel like it´s summer.

March 28, 2011

It´s a gorgeous morning once again and we´ve already reached 14 degrees at 9:00am. The good news is that we are expected to have beautiful sunny weather all week.

There is a possibility of light rain showers by Sunday, however temperatures will remain warm. So most you´ll need is a light rain coat
if you´re headed to Marbella next week. Let´s just cross our fingers the rain doesn´t make an appearance and we can continue to have this warm sunshine.

March 18, 2011

The weather is absolutely gorgeous this morning at 16 degrees already at 8:30am! It´s hard to believe that we had cold rainy weather with thunderstorms earlier on this week.

Spring is definitely in the air and this is the time when many of us who live in Marbella consider this to be the best time of the year. Not too hot, not too cold and all we have is summer to look forward to.

My walk along the boardwalk today was really pleasant. Plenty of people are walking, exercising, walking the dog and simply soaking up the sunshine. If you´re planning a trip to Marbella this week, definitely plan for warm weather, however you may want to pack an umbrella, because there is a 60% chance of rain on Wednesday and Friday. Let´s cross our fingers you don´t need it!

February 16, 2011

A bit chilly this morning at 8 degrees, but once I picked up the pace with the dog walk I was feeling better. In any case, there´s plenty of sushine now and it´s a welcome change to all the rain we had yesterday. However, it´s still expected to rain, so I won´t hold my breath.

The good news is that we are headed for sunshine and highs of 15 within the next few days. Lots of wind for tomorrow, but it will blow away all the clouds so we can have plenty of sunshine this weekend. Forecast predicts that by Sunday we´ll be hitting nearly 20 degrees! Woo hoo!

On my way home, I noticed a lot of camper vans parked out in front of the San Pedro boardwalk. I don´t imagine they have any electrical or plumbing hookups (it´s not a campsite), but maybe they´re just allowed to park there. Just thought it was a bit curious. If you know anything about it, please share it with us!

February 2, 2011

We are finally over the month of January. Woo, that went by quickly, or is it just me? The weather in Marbella this morning is just fabulous. I´ve now posted four new photos for you to enjoy! In the first one you can just make out the snow-capped mountain in the background

We started off a bit chilly this morning with a low of about 8 degrees. We´re now up to 12 and will be expecting plenty of sunshine for the rest of the week and all weekend with highs of about 16 degrees. Woo hoo!

So the rain has gone and we can now start eating outdoors again and get the kids back into the outside activities. If you´re planning a trip to Marbella this week then you can leave your golashes at home and just bring a sweater or light jacket for chilly nights and mornings.

January 25, 2011

It has been raining all weekend and will most likely stay that way all week. I had a quick chance to take a photo this morning of the San Pedro boardwalk to give you an idea of how wet and muggy it is.

Our 10-day forecast shows that we may have a bit of sunshine this weekend (yay!), but showers are to hit again at the beginning of the week (awww!).

It´s funny how just a few degrees makes such a difference. We were experiencing highs of 18-20 only a week or two ago. Everyone was out wearing their short sleeve t-shirts, eating outdoors and acting as if we´re having an early Spring. Now we´re down to 14 (only about 5 degrees difference) and it seems as though we are having a major cold snap. Or is it just me? Living on the coast really does make your blood thin.

So. Not sure what to pack for your trip to Marbella? Well, neither do I. It looks like you´ll have to pack a bit of everything. Wet weather gear, for sure!

If you want to know more about the weather here check out our Marbella Weather Guide.

January 11, 2011

I don´t have any new photos to post, and I´ll tell you why. I´ve decided to start jogging and I couln´t be bothered with my phone/camera. I´m not a runner whatsoever. Athletic, yes, but running is definitely not my thing. Only recently I was told that my cardiovascular capacity was, let´s say, not up to standard and one way to improve it was running. I´m not sure how long it will last, but I´ve decided to try it out.

Anyway, one advantage to waking up early in the morning to run, walk or bike is witnessing the beautiful sunrises we have on the Costa del Sol. I decided to head out just before sunrise when it was still dark and by the time I was running on the boardwalk the sun had just poked its head out and the view was SPECTACULAR! I know it´s a drag to get out of bed early, but you must try to at least once. Watching the sun rise is a wonderful breathtaking experience.

The advantage to running in the morning is that I was able to stay warm, because those first few minutes I really felt the cold winter morning air bite through. I didn´t check the temperature, but it doesn´t was COLD!

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Dec 01, 2010
Rain and sun at once
by: Marbella Family

Ha ha! You´re right. Only in Marbella can you be enjoying a bit of rain with a bit of sunshine at the same time. We are very fortunate to be in is always worse elsewhere. Hey, that´s one of the reasons why we´re here, right? :)

Dec 01, 2010
by: Charlotte

I'm feeling very British talking about the weather but have to add to your page! This morning just before I left for work the sun was beating down on my garden but it was raining as well. Only in Spain I guess!

At least we only have to suffer the rain and not the horrible snowstorms in the UK!

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