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by Vithas Xanit
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Vithas Xanit's Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Vithas Xanit's Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Although we all need to look after our heart, those with heart disease or who have undergone heart surgery need to take special care of this vitally important organ. For this reason many hospitals include a Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit in the services they offer, targeted particularly at the care and supervision of these patients.

How to easily reduce risk of heart disease

The Spanish Heart Foundation has demonstrated that death from heart disease is reduced by around 20% to 30% when rehabilitation classes are undertaken; this percentage increases up to 43% if the programme is fully completed. For this reason the main objective of Cardiac Rehabilitation Units is to help the patient to return to an active lifestyle, reducing the risk of developing further heart problems.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Vithas Xanit International Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit is made up of a team of specialists in Cardiology, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, who provide a comprehensive treatment programme adapted to the needs of each patient. The professionals in this Unit offer those with cardiovascular disease a more rapid physical, psychological recovery with a quicker return to working and social life.

Although Vithas Xanit International Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit specialises in the integrated rehabilitation of patients who have recently presented with cardiovascular (angina, myocardial infarction...) or heart (arrhythmias) disease, it is also targeted at patients going through the period following heart surgery. The objective is to reduce the number of those permanently disabled by coronary disease, improving the patient’s quality of life.

This Unit enables patients to achieve:

• Recovery of maximum functional capacity through a programme of controlled physical exercise.
• Control of cardiovascular risk factors through clinical monitoring.
• A reduced period of convalescence.
• Personal, social and workplace adaptation using psychological techniques to overcome the disease and associated complications, including depression.
• A reduced mortality in relation to further cardiac events.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit also has the most advanced technology available in its field, including telemetry monitoring for each patient, preventing undesirable side effects and enabling the safe performance of aerobic exercise.

For more information, check out Vithas Xanit International Hospital.

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Mar 07, 2017
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