Car Registration in Spain

2014 Ghibli 3.0 litre

2014 Ghibli 3.0 litre

I am looking to bring a Maserati over to Spain from the U.K. it’s a import from Dubai but now U.K. registered, just want to know if this is possible and a rough cost?

Car is a 2014 Ghibli 3.0 litre LHD



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Dec 19, 2020
Registering overseas car in Spain
by: Anonymous

It is best to go to a Gestor for a quote. There are many variables to consider, especially as your car will be valued by the authority and will almost certainly much higher than a UK valuation, this is what your import tax will be based on. I decided to buy a Spanish registered car as it was far too expensive to bring mine over. Even my motorcycle, nearly 20 years old, was going to cost me almost €900 so I bought a newer one in Spain. Good luck whatever you choose to do.

Dec 15, 2020
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