Breast cancer | early detection programme in Marbella

by Vithas Xanit Hospital

Breast cancer detection programme in Marbella

Breast cancer detection programme in Marbella

Every year 25,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in Spain, it being the most commonly occurring cancer in women. Early detection is fundamental in the fight against this condition, with recovery possible in 80% of breast cancers if detected in their initial stages.

With this in mind, prevention is one of the priorities for specialists at Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute. Here they provide their patients with a breast screening programme which enables detection of breast cancer in its initial stages by visualising the inside of the breasts using a low dose X-ray system. They are then able to offer patients the most appropriate treatment. Early detection programmes, alongside access to innovative treatments, have recently made it possible to considerably reduce breast cancer mortality rates.

Today at Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute they would like to take the opportunity to remind every woman of the importance of taking part in these mammography screening programmes. However, although early breast cancer detection is fundamental for treatment and recovery, specialists at Vithas Xanit would also like to raise awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of this disease, as well as the importance of participating in screening programmes.

Daily physical exercise, alongside a Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on olive oil, fruit, vegetables, pulses and fish, help to prevent this condition. Limiting consumption of red meat, cured meat, fatty foods, sweets and sugary drinks is also important to prevent weight gain and obesity, fundamental in the prevention of the disease, likewise the avoidance of tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol.

For the early diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, the Breast Unit at Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute offers patients multidisciplinary treatment and specific, high quality healthcare. The specialists involved include those from Medical Oncology, Radiology, Anatomical Pathology, Surgery, Gynaecology, Plastic Surgery, Radiotherapy Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and Psychology.

If you would like to know more about the Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute please visit the following link (Spanish information): Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute

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Jan 02, 2017
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