A reference point for Oncology on an international scale

by Vithas Xanit International Hospital



Vithas Xanit International Hospital offers more than 40 medical specialities, with doctors who are prestigiously recognised on a national and International level. Amongst these specialities one of the most highly reputed is the Vithas Xanit Oncological Institute which, together with the Cardiology Unit, has become one of the most well renowned specialities within the hospital in Benalmádena

The objective of the Vithas Xanit Oncological Institute (IOVX) is to offer the best possible diagnosis and treatment for cancer, both from a scientific and a humane perspective. The Institute offers patients the best professionals who approach this pathology from a multidisciplinary point of view, thus providing personalised treatments to patients which are adapted to their individual needs, and which offer them integral care.
Furthermore this unit has become a replica of the model used in the best International oncological hospitals and is divided up into 6 functional departments: A Unit for Breast and Gynecological Tumours, a Unit for Digestive Tumours, a Unit for Urological tumours and lymphomas, a Unit for Pulmonary tumours and Tumours of the Head and Neck, a Skin Cancer unit, and a Unit for Genetic Counselling and Screening. All of these departments are run by specialists involved in the treatment of cancer (Medical Oncologists, Radiotherapists, Nuclear Medicine specialists, Surgeons, Gynecologists, and other specialities such as radiophysiciens). These work in coordination in order to assess and decide on the best diagnostic solutions and therapies for each patient.

Technology and Treatment Methods
The Vithas Xanit Oncological institute offers patients the most innovative techniques and methods available in the field of Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy, and Nuclear medicine. They provide patients with all of the necessary technical equipment comprising of two linear accelerators; radiotherapy; radio surgery, brachytherapy and planification systems.
The Unit also offers the following treatment methods: Virtual simulator with CT/CT and CT/MRI fusion; Radiotherapy with Modular Intensity; intra and extra cranial stereotactic fractional radio surgery and radiotherapy using the frameless system; radiotherapy guided by Imaging and Brachytherapy.

Other services offered
The Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute also has a Tumours Committee which is made up of a team of different specialists who meet to discuss the characteristics of each patient, and to establish the best protocols in each case. Furthermore there are also specialists advising as to healthy lifestyle choices centered on the prevention of cancer. Our specialists offer advice regarding smoking, sun exposure, diet and nutrition, and risk factors including environmental and occupational risks. In this way they offer all of the adequate information regarding aspects of our lives in order to help us to be healthier, which in turn, reduces the possibility of us developing this pathology.
It is also important to highlight that the Cancer Prevention unit is focused on reducing the incidence and mortality rates of patients with breast, colorectal, cervical, and pulmonary cancers, which represent some 40% of the total number of cancers detected.

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