Workout Buddy in Marbella

by Olive

Workout buddy in Marbella

Workout buddy in Marbella

Stuck in a rut and need motivation to workout?

Be it going for that run, that walk or that gym session you keep postponing?

My name is Kylie, i'm 28 and I would like to be your workout buddy. I will run, walk and lift those weights with you, encourage, motivate and listen to you, but above all I will push you beyond what you think you are capable of and help you get in shape.

I'm an avid fitness addict who loves weightlifting in addition to running and yoga. I understand how important physical health is in relation to mental health and viceversa...but I also understand how easy it is for you to talk yourself out of going for that run or skipping that workout session.

As your workout buddy, I will sit down with you and define your fitness goals and how best we can get you there and I will be right there next to on that run, walk or workout session to keep you accountable.

I work with all age groups and kids included.

Contact me for rates and more information:

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Jun 14, 2020
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