Wildside Survival Forest School for Kids

by Wildside Survival Europe

Wildside Survival Forest School for Kids

Wildside Survival Forest School for Kids


Wildside Survival Forest School for Kids

Wildside Survival are proud to offer a Forest School for children in Spain.

Places will soon be available in one of our weekend groups and during school holidays. Each weekend group meets for two hours and is action packed with fun, learning, games and education in outdoor skills.

Our Instructors/Leaders are fully UK trained and experienced Forest Leaders, experienced in teaching forest skills and basic survival/bushcraft to young people and adults in the UK. Previously employed by Cornwall County Council to work with groups of children, we have personal knowledge of the many positive benefits that forest school groups can give to children.

Our Forest School Club has been designed with the local environment in mind. Though 'forests' is a term we use, you will be aware that local areas are not the same as forests in the UK etc., therefore we have adapted some of the activities to suit our local land.

Forest schools are a type of outdoor education in which children (or adults) visit forests/woodlands, learning personal, social and technical skills. Forest Schools have been defined "an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment".

Wildside Forest School Adventurers

For five to ten year olds we offer Wildside Forest School Adventurers.

This is an educational fun club - meeting either at the weekends or one late afternoon weekday - you choose which day your child/ren can come. This forest school club encourages children to learn about nature and the environment in an educational and fun atmosphere.

The Wildside Forest School Activities include:

Nature trails
Building a camp
Basic first aid
Building a camp fire (under close supervision and in a designated safe area) and cooking
Making a hammock
Plant identification
Tree and stone rubbings
Paper mache pot making
Camoflage games/hide and seek and lots more - they'll love our base camp!

Children are supervised at all times.


* 20 euro per child. Includes Forest School t-shirt, badges and certificates.

* 30 euro per child per month.

* 25 euro per child if there are more than one in a family cover all costs of food, drinks and materials needed.

We also have an occasional 'camp night' - letters will be sent out in plenty of time, its great fun for the children to help build their own camp and have a fun night sleeping in sleeping bags etc.

For more information...
Tel: 646 913 917
Email: wildsidesurvivaleurope@gmail.com
Website: www.wildsidesurvivaleurope.com/Forest-School-for-Kids.html

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Sep 22, 2019
Forest school
by: Lorraine

Hi, I was wondering if there are any forest schools in the costa Blanca area? Im visiting Spain in a few weeks and would like to pay a visit.

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