Which restaurants in Marbella offer a discount with SEVA Card?

by Gregory Flower

SEVA Card Marbella Restaurants

SEVA Card Marbella Restaurants

In England, there is a discount card called 'Tastecard' which can be purchased for about £79.00 per annum (free with Natwest Platinium Bank Account holders).

Their Website then provides information by town or postcode of participating restaurants, saying whether there is an overall discount of 50% for food, or if is 'two for one', or how many people the discount will apply for at one dinner table.

It also states if the card CANNOT be used, say on a Friday or Saturday, and sometimes thoughout, say, the month of December -because of Office parties etc. The card covers the whole of England.

Could you provide me with some more detailed information about your SEVA Card please? For example, my wife and I often eat at Top Thai at Saturday luchtime. What discount is offered by them at that time? Is it JUST for food, or does it also include drinks, that is to say, the whole price of the bill (la cuenta)?

Your reply will be very much appreciated since I feel sure that we could make good use of your card.


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Mar 24, 2015
Restaurants and discounts
by: Marbella Family

Hello Gregory,

Thanks for your inquiry regarding SEVA Card.

We have tested the card ourselves and have found no limitations on the days that the discounts are applicable. The exact discount levels and restaurants can be found on their website, which you can find a link to here: SEVA Card

SEVA Card also has a downloadable app which shows up on your mobile phone or device which will show you a map and the discount levels for each featured restaurant.

We've enjoyed it!


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