We teach each every child individually

by Elena Gatsenko
(International Kids Club, El Campanario)

International Kids Club, El Campanario

International Kids Club, El Campanario

"We teach each every child individually"

Elena Gatsenko Head of the first tri-linguistic kindergarten in El Campanario Marbella.

The founder and head of the club Elena Gatsenko is a professionally qualified psychologist. Elena has the following vision of preschool education.

The concept of preschool education has recently been refreshed, it has acquired some new modern methods.

Today the objective is to turn kindergarten learning into “fun” instead of “work”.

In our kindergarten children of all Nationalities do activities in groups. They eat, play, do crafts and learn together, this in turn teaches them to communicate in different languages.

International kids club is amongst some of the best nurseries here on the costa del Sol, this is why..

Elena, tell us since when have you been open and what makes you different from any other kindergarten?

Firstly, I want to make clear our center is not a Russian educational center. It is a tri-lingual center that prepares children for school. I think a lot of people have the preception that we are a Russian center as previously before my management it was. At the time I didn't buy the most prosperous business but with a lot of passion I started to reform our center.

After I took over the club we re-opened on September 7 last year and have had a beautiful makeover. All three classrooms have been fitted with underfloor heating and anti-bacterial lamps to help make sick days fewer. Provided beds and cots are changed daily. Lovely new furniture to represent each country (Spain, Russia, England). One of our three play areas has a newly erected castle stage. All three areas overlook the peaceful golf course.

First of all, not only did I just change the deco and the program of our center, but the principles of teaching. Now we have a polyilingual education system. This means that communication and learning takes place at a young age immediately, in all three languages - Spanish, English and Russian.

Unlike ordinary kindergartens whom take children from 3 months to 3 years, we welcome children from 8 months to 6 years old, undergoing complete preparation for school.

We also have approval from school all along the costa del sol that our eduction and teaching meets their standards.

Now often some parents ask the question should my child go to kindergarten when they have the opportunity to stay at home?

Yes they should, It is important for children to begin to integrate at a young age, this allows them to become more independent and social. The communication with peers in kindergarten is also deeper and more diverse than on the playground. This is when the key preparation for school, as well as additional intellectual development starts.

What do you pay special attention to?

I think the most vital element to a successful nursery are the teachers and staff. I personality evaluated each candidate and carefully looked at each persons abilities, strength and character. All our teachers are native speaking, professional graduates who have great experience in their field. in my opinion, the importance of what subjects are taught and the ratio in which they are taught in is crucial. Every child is different, so a individual approach of teaching must be given. After all, we have children of all different nationalities in the club. Russians, Ukrainians, Spaniards, English, French, Italians, Germans, Poles, Chinese ... it is important to take into account home education and different culture.

What is included in your school curriculum?

Development of speech, writing, reading, mathematics, logic, theater, music, drawing, dancing, tennis and education about our world.
We have a Russian and English speech therapist, also are wonderful Spanish teacher who has worked for 15 years at the English school Calpe and 7 years at the international college Aloha. In addition to the in-depth study of languages and the standard school curriculum, we also have our own garden, in which each child has his own vegetable patch or trees. We conduct cooking classes and use our own organic food when possible.

Does preparing for lunch time meals, for children with different nationalities Complicated?

•Our only priority is to prepare healthy meals like soups, vegetables, fish and so on, we only the best ingredients. The chefs at the El Campanario restaurant adapt their cooking to suit the diets of our pupils. The main thing is that the food is freshly prepared and full of nutricion in order for good brain development and growth.

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Apr 11, 2017
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