Venta Garcia Casares

Venta Garcia, Ctr. de Casares

April 2013

“The unacceptable”

We were a party of six, one of whom wanted us to experience ‘the delights’ of Venta Garcia,
an eating house that we had spoken about some weeks before, and to which he was a regular visitor and was keen to take us to.

At first, all went well, we placed our orders, had some pleasant nibbles and drinks, ate our starters, and then after three quarter of an hour, one of our party asked el patron, if our main course was coming soon. To this query she received an aggressive answer of “I’m cancelling your order”.

My wife tried to mollify him to which she received a response of “don’t touch me, do you want to cancel your food?” to which there was a general murmuring of “No”.

Some minutes later, the waitress came over and apologized for her bosses behavior, and eventually our meal arrived.

At no time was I involved in the exchanges, being only an observer.

I will not bother to detail the merits of the cuisine or the restaurant, save to say that it was acceptable. What is not acceptable as a paying customer, is to receive such treatment.

Only once before have I written and published a review of this nature, and it saddens me to do so now. The remarks by the two other couples, that they would not, after being regular customers for many years, ever go back to Venta Garcia, epitomizes the depth of this exchange between them.

On receiving the bill a gift of a bottle of wine was brought to our table to which all declines to accept. The situation could have been defused by el patron’s apologizing, but instead, on our departure he ignored us. Thus, this was two visit in one – our first and our last.
Morris Bishop

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Jun 18, 2013
by: Alison

We visited for my Mum's birthday and our wedding anniversary, which happen to be on the same day, after recommendations from friends. We were seated outside and had to ask to be seated in the main part of the restaurant which was empty when we arrived at 7.30. We waited ages for our drinks and then had our starter and main course within 15 minutes of each other. We asked for a break before ordering desserts but were approached by 4 different waiting staff to order our desserts and when we advised that we would order after we had finished our wine we were asked to move to a table in the corner so our table could be used for someone else! The service, from then on, went back to the slowness that we had experienced at the beginning and we were pretty much ignored. The only positive part of the evening was the food was OK but we won't be going back as there are many other restaurants that we frequent in the area that have better food and service and are better value for money.

Apr 15, 2013
Venta Garcia Casares
by: Costa Kids

I've only ever heard positive reviews of Venta Garcia and have been there a few times myself with our children and with friends and it has always been great both in terms of food and service.

The man who runs it is a young guy fluent in both Spanish and English (he is the son of the previous owner/manager who is often around but doesn't serve anymore) and he along with his partner have really turned the place around, refurbishing it, making the most of the amazing views and he has a great staff so I really don't know what on earth happened that day as it is such a marked difference from anything I have ever experienced there or anyone else I know.

I hope it's just a one off, it would be such a shame if it wasn't!

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