Twenty-Ninth Half Marathon - City of Marbella

by Marbella Family

29ª Half Marathon - City of Marbella

DATE: September 28, 2014
TIME: 10:00
LOCATION: Palacio de Congresso de Marbella

The Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Marbella in collaboration with the Athletic Club of San Pedro and the Club Ciudad de Marbella of athletics, organized the next day September 28, 2014 the 29th half marathon city of Marbella.

The 29th half marathon city of Marbella, urban race walk of 21097.50 meters, all persons wishing to do so, Federated or not, will have access and can participate the foreign athletes who meet with the RFEA and IAAF rules provided that they have completed 18 years old the day of the test and up to a maximum of 2,500 runners. The street circuit, will run on asphalt and surface of marble and compacted Earth, is indicated all kilometre sign panels.

Output will be 10:00 hours and will end at 12:30 hours, this being the official maximum time of it.

Runner will have a cloakroom service in the output/finish area, as well as chemical toilet at the exit and at various points along the course of the test.

Registration will take place from May 16 to September 26, both inclusive, or even cover the places available (2,500):

You will be made through online registration and payment via TPV virtual terminal with secure of UNICAJA.

1 access to the test, via GES & with-CHIP website
2. If still not a user of our website, register as a user following the directions that appear in the same.
3. Once registered, sign up for the test.
4 after saving the inscription, "paying for it" following the indications appearing on the website. Necessary data: number of the tarjeta-fecha of expiry-CVV (3 last digits appearing on the back of it)
5 once registration and payment, you will receive at the email address that you have provided the inscription formalized with the number of dorsal fin which has been assigned to you. You can print it and present it the day of the test as proof of payment.

Note: On registration issues should be dealt with in the following email:

Between May 12 and on August 31, 2013: €16
Between September 1 and 26 of septiembre:22 €

You will only enter the return of 50% of the registration, in the event of injury or illness, if a medical certificate is presented at the headquarters of the Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Marbella (c / 25 1st silver Knights), by always returning once celebrated career. Otherwise the registration fee refunds will be no.

Categories of the twenty-ninth half marathon city of Marbella, are established in the following manner:

Category Age
Junior Born 1994 and 1995
Promise Born in 1991, 1992 and 1993
Senior Born in 1990 to veteran
Veteran/a A 35-39 years
Veteran/a B 40-44 years
Veteran/a C 45-49 years
Veteran/a D 50-54 years
Veteran/a E 55-59 years
Veteran/a F More than 60 years
* All ages indicated must be fulfilled the day of the test.
The following categories are established for athletes in wheelchairs:

-Regulatory Athletics wheelchair athletes.
-Athletes with use of lower limb prosthesis
-Athletes in handbikereglamentario or other types of (non-competitive)

Note: Please let the mode when it comes to pick up the ridge and Chip.

Trophies to the first 3 and 3 first absolute general classification and to the top 3 of all categories will be awarded. Any athlete who do not pick up the trophy at the ceremony which will be held in the finish area after the completion of the test, you will lose any right to said trophies.

Cash prizes will not be given.

All registered athletes will receive a bag of runner with sports equipment, which must be pick up the withdrawal of the dorsal fin, not surrendered bags once the distribution of race bibs

Disqualified runners will have no option to gifts and trophies that correspond you.

The numbers will be delivered the day before the race from 18.00 to 21.00 pm at the Palacio de Congresos of Marbella, or the day of the test from 7.30 until the 9.00 hours.

In this edition we will have the latest technology in timekeeping.

The company GES & with-CHIP ( will be responsible for the timing of the test.

We will use the chip (MYLAPS) integrated in the back so not the return of the same will be required to cross the finish line.

You can meet the dorsal/memory chip.

The withdrawal of the chip and dorsal must be individually in the tent/location determined by the Organization and within the schedule established with the object.

The race will be timed by the judges of the Andalusian Federation of Athletics

There will be controls passage along the route. Those participants who make the race the chip that facilitates the organization only appear in the classification.

The dorsal and the control chip are personal and non-transferable, and must be placed on the chest without manipulating or bend. Failure to comply with this article shall be cause for disqualification. Test judges and the Organization reserved the right to disqualify the offender that, ascertained any irregularities by any runner, is not visible its dorsal, tamper with it or give it to another, alter the data provided to the organization or to the referee judge with respect to those appearing on your DNI or federal tabdo not complete the full tour, manifest a poor physical condition, does not provide the documentation that is required to the Organization, or fails to comply with any standard imposed by the FAA, RFEA or IAAF standards.

Will not be admitted by the Organization runners who are not enrolled or run without dorsal and chip, preventing access to the career in defense of the rights of registrants according to the rules.

The route can be seen in detail in the following link
The tour will be properly marked by the organization.
Flowing by asphalted ground, floors of marble and compacted albero.

Overview of streets and highways affected:

• Plaza Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra
• Avenida Ricardo Soriano
• Street Valentuñana
• Street Inn
• CalleCastillejos
• Issac Peral Street
• Street Chorron
• Street Portaza
• Street art
• Street Salinas
• Trinity Street
• Plaza of the Church of the incarnation
• Plaza de los Naranjos
• Street station
• Street garden girl
• Avenida Ricardo Soriano
• Avda Severo Ochoa
• Street Guadalete
• Seafront
• N-340 from Ancon
• Acceleration lane from the A-7 exit 175.
• United Nations Avenue
• AV. de la Ribera (Puerto banus)
• Mulle Puerto Banus to the lighthouse at West.
• AV. de la Ribera
• Sea front of Puerto banus
• Green River Bridge
• River Street
• Seafront
• Avda duque de Ahumada (at the height of the terraces of the Marina)

3 refreshment, approximately in 5, 10 and 15 kilometers posts will exist more special goal. Runners wishing to use their own equipment, must do so in the areas of provisioning and under its responsibility, not allowing any equipment with outside assistance, outside areas established for this purpose.

Health services and ambulances will be on the 5 km, 10, 15, and goal, coinciding with the refreshment posts; and closing the race along with car broom.

All registered runners are required to fill the rear of the dorsal fin with data name, surname, phone in an emergency, if you have any medical problems (allergy, special attentions, etc.) or is under any specific treatment, as well as its blood group.

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Nov 15, 2014
by: Marbella Family Fun

Here is a link to the results of the 2014 Marbella half marathon.

Marbella Half Marathon Results 2014

Nov 02, 2014
from low fell running club
by: Alan

Great race, well organized with your result texted to you or go to gescon-chip for full results. Shame about the storm washing a bit of the course away near Puerto Banus this year and the boat burning in the harbour giving a horrible acrid smoke off. Bit humid this year.

Oct 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Where can I find the results of the 2014 half?

Oct 03, 2014
by: craig

please advise date of city of marbella half marathon 2015 regards craig

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