Toys of the Avant-Garde at Picasso Museum Malaga

Toys of the Avante-garde

Toys of the Avante-garde

There is an exciting new exhibition at the Malaga Picasso Museum titled Toys of the Avant-Garde which runs until January 30, 2011.

This exhibition is interesting for the whole family displaying puppets, miniature theatres, dolls, games, furniture, books and more, which is a result of the effort by artists to integrate art and education. This exceptional collection of objects includes works made for mass production as well as one off pieces for friends and family, such as the Car "Wooden toy painted by Pablo Picasso" which he made for his son Paulo. You can also see the television that Picasso converted into a toy horse for his grandson.

Toys of the Avant-Garde includes works made by some of the most influential artists from the 20th century and includes objects from various movements such as Constructivism, Futurism and even Bauhaus.

Educational Activities

INTERACTIVE AREA: To complement the exhibition an interactive area has been set up on the ground floor so that children and adults can play and read.

WORKSHOPS: A series of workshops have also been developed for children of all ages. "Imagine, Look and Play" is geared toward pre-school and lower primary school children. "Give it Life" is for upper primary children, while "Breaking Shapes" is for secondary and Bachillerato-level pupils.

is a guided tour which takes place every Thursday at 6:00pm. Register at the ticket office when arriving. Gallery talks is free with a purchased museum entrance ticket.

SEMINARS: A series of seminars will be taking place throughout the duration of the exhibition for both children and adults. See website for details.

4.50 euros Toys of the Avant-Garde exhibition
8 euros for exhibition plus entry to the Malaga Picasso Museum collection.

See our page on the Malaga Picasso Museum for opening hours, address, ticket prices and more.

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Jan 14, 2011
Year 1 at the Picasso Museum
by: Marbella Family

Children from year 1 at Laude International School San Pedro got the chance to make a field trip to visit the Picasso Museum in Malaga to see Toys of the Avant Garde exhibition. They had a great time and this is what they had to say in the school newsletter:

"Following our recent topicon the history of toys, Yr.1 children visited The Picasso Museum in Málaga before Christmas.We went to see theirtemporary exibition called`Avant- Garde Toys,byartists suchasPablo Picasso and and Miró. Welooked at some toys madebyPicassoforhis grandchildren. We saw howdifferent these toys were tothe toys we play with now.Afterwards we took part ina creative workshop makingour own pictures using different shapes"

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