Thomas The Bear - Bearbysitting in Marbella

by Natalie Keam
(Marbella, Spain )

I´d like to introduce Thomas The Bear - Bearbysitting in Marbella.

Have you got family or friends coming for Easter with their Children and would like a night just for parents?

Maybe a Special event coming up?

Or even a Wedding, and would like to arrange for the Children to be entertained to allow guest to enjoy the event?

We´re a group of three girls (one English/Spanish and two Filipina) that have been babysitting with Thomas since March 2013 along the Coast, but even as far as the US and France in last few years.

Thomas The Bear is a new concept of babysitting that children of all ages have shown to LOVE! (Thomas is a very soft bear, so even the older kids can´t help carrying around )

Each one of us has a Thomas Bear, so every child gets to meet him. Thomas Bear plays, baths, feeds and tucks them in for story time until they fall asleep.

Everyday is different with us - we play (even run around!), read, draw, watch movies, we take our crafts To create and even have Cupcake Night with loads of different sprinkles!

The best part?? The kids will have an awesome time, EVERY time and we will make sure your home is tidy before your return .

For more information, please contact us through one of the following :
Mobile / Whatsapp : 622 309 069 (Natalie)
Email :
Facebook :

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