Theatre Production - A Thousand Cranes

(Francine´s Show)

Saturday April 9th 21:00 - 22:00

Black Box Theater, c/Notario Luis Oliver, 6. Marbella Centro (Behind Mango on Ricardo Soriano)

I am playing the character Sadako Sasaki in this true & poignant story of a young victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb disaster. She takes an old story to heart; if a sick person folds a thousand paper cranes, the gods will grant her wish and make her well again. Before Sadako is able to complete her task, she is visited by her Grandmother who carries her to the land of her ancestors.

We have decided to perform 'A Thousand Cranes' for one night only. This show will be on SATURDAY 9th APRIL at 9.00pm. Tickets will cost 10 euros each and we will be donating all the monies from the ticket sales to help with the tragedy. Over the last few days on the news, ITV and BBC, we have seen children folding the paper cranes and making their wish, so we can not think of a better way to put on this poignant production again, allowing us to help in some small way.
Tickets : 10 euros
Recommended age: From 7 years old

For more information and to reserve tickets call 952 779 172.

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Feb 12, 2011
by: Francine Winter

A THOUSAND CRANES is Blackbox Theatre's first ENGLISH show and if successfull will be the first of many.

There is no show on SATURDAY 12TH FEB only our last production on SATURDAY 19TH FEB.

Feb 10, 2011
by: Francine


Jan 23, 2011
Thousand cranes
by: Kirsten de Langen

Last saturday I went to see the play, A Thousand Cranes, and I enjoyed it so much! It was a beautiful to see how only 3 actors can bring such an moving, interesting and also sad story... They completely took me into their world! Great acting, cosy atmosphere. I will certainly take my children to go and see a play as well, as I believe theatre should become something we go and see more often!

Jan 20, 2011
Do something different
by: Driekje Lawson-Voorhoeve

Last Saturday I went for the first time to the Black Box Theatre to see "A Thousand Cranes". I wasn't prepared of what I was going to see or hear. When we entered the theatre the good atmosphere gave me a great feeling of anticipation, we had a drink before, and enter the theatre which was larger than expected. Unbelievable how 3 people can produce a complicated story in such a way that the audience came out with teary eyes at the end, being drawn into a story so real. It makes you think, and if you go with the family it will provide you with lots of fuel to explain and talk about. All hats off to the performers. I highly recommend it.

Jan 17, 2011
Theatre Production - A Thousand Cranes
by: Jennifer Kelly

This play is currently running at Black Box in Marbella and my very, very dear friend, Francine Winter, is playing the role of the young girl Sadako, depicting her story of life after the Hiroshima bombing. The show is a beautiful production with a truly talented cast. Amazing! Go see it and grab a tapa and a glass of wine in Marbella after the show!

Jan 16, 2011
A Thousand Cranes showing at Black Box Theatre - Marbella
by: Adam Gale

I was so proud and delighted to see Francine shine on the stage, her portrayal of Sadako a 12 year old girl is outstanding and mesmerizing. I am of course a little bias, as she is my wife!!!!
However, the show is a must see. The cast are professional and perform this true story in a incredibly, moving way.
I recommend that people go along, see the show and enjoy our local theatre. The show runs till Febuary 19th and with everyone´s support we are sure that this will be the first of many english productions.
You will find me and our daughter there at every show, as we are her biggest fans!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 16, 2011
A Thousand Cranes!
by: Mona

Hi! I took my husband and two daughthers to see the show "A Thousand Cranes" at the Black Box Theatre yesterday. And we all really enjoyed the show!

My husband and I found the actors very professional, and it was amazing how they changed between the roles. They brought the message of the play through, and even my daughters were left with a strong impression after the show.

I recommend everyone to go and see! Bring your children as well. Going to the theatre is such a contrast to the movies and Hollywood productions the kids are exposed to now a days, and the kids - in my opinion - need to be exposed to some real culture!

Jan 16, 2011
A Thousand Cranes
by: Carl Norman

Just came back from the Black Box Theatre with a group of friends after watching A Thousand Cranes with Francine Winter playing one of the three roles. Its been a very long time since I was last in a theatre, actually I cant remember when it was.

It was quite a sad story but unbelievably well acted out by all of the cast. Productions like these need more of us supporting our local community especially between the expats. Really looking forward to the next visit. Well done to everyone who contributed to this production. 10 out of 10, loved it!! Well worth a watch!!

Jan 15, 2011
A Thousand Cranes in Marbella
by: Zora

I thought the show was great and would recommend it to anyone. I really like the intimacy of the Black Box Theater and thought it was the perfect venue for a production like this. There were three actors who played a variety of roles and they all did a great job.

The story is short, simple and a bit sad. Although there were lots of children in the audience, I don´t think they were as affected by the story as the adults who all got a bit teary eyed in the end. The main character of the play is a 12 year old girl, so I think the kids could relate to her.

If you´re in town and are looking for something to do for an hour on a Saturday evening/late-afternoon, head out to the Black Box Theater for this wonderful production before dinner or a stroll through Old Town Marbella.

Jan 15, 2011
Show in Marbella
by: Kalina - 10 yrs old

I liked the show although it was a bit sad. It was kind of confusing for me beacause it would go from one character to another quite quickly. There were only three people in the show so maybe that´s why. But I still enjoyed it and can recommend it.

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