The worries about losing UK Free to View Channels

by Alex Marshall

Our phones have been busy with people in Andalucia Andalusia generally worried about the possibilities of losing their UK Free-to-view channels via their Satellite Dish and Box. Most reports don't give exact dates in 2013 except to say this will happen. Many are saying June / July due to change of Satellite.

We already have an established working solution, but you do need a 3mb or more download speed from your existing Internet Service Provider, OR the ability to upgrade to that download speed.

If so, you buy a TV Box a one-off payment and you take with you and use if you move. You then have a choice of a monthly or annual subscription. Prices are also reasonable. UK Channel lists, as well as Scandinavian Channel lists, can be found on the site link below.

Any questions, let us know but we hope this helps.

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