The Red Penguin Art Gallery

by Loni Olfers
(Marbella, Spain)

The Red Penguin Art Gallery, located in El Corte Inglés El Capricho, is a dynamic and ambitious project, conceived as a meeting point of different cultures, interests and creative ideas, with space dedicated to collections from artists of national and international recognition.

We are committed to search all over the world for rising new talents whose works has a value that lasts over time, along with searching for art as an investment.

The Red Penguin Art Gallery is a gallery that aims to become a cultural reference in Marbella starting with the inaugural exhibition ¨Identity¨ , which displays the work of 18 emerging artists who will exhibit their work during 2012.

Furthermore, in our great desire to create a creative and inspiring environment, we also offer the oppertunity to purchase art and design publications, collectables, an art consultancy service, rented art for companies and events, decorative painted art, lectures and other cultural events.

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May 01, 2013
Red Penguin Art Gallery, moving photo´s
by: Marleen

The Red Penguin Art Gallery is showing 3 big bright picture of the beautiful blond dutch girl named "Liesje". The first foto of Liesje is a little sad, you can see her tear, maybe because she is leaving in 10 days, the other two are full of surprises.
The 3 "Liesje" only will be in the gallery for 10 more days.

This new technique in art is definitely worth to be seen.....and if you buy Liesje, you will get a small i pad as a gift.

You find the Red Penguin Art Gallery in El Corte Ingles in MARBELLA, and our openings hours are the same as El Corte Ingles openings hours

Mar 26, 2012
New Exhibition!
by: Red Penguin Art Gallery

We would like to inform you about our new exhibition: ¡Influence of the sixties!

We had many visitors during the open days who were very surprised by the
totally new collection and variety of the new artworks .

These artists are inspired by the "Flower Power and POP ART style" of the sixties : Andy Bonomo, Jesus Chacon, Joáo Noutel, Debora Notenson, Joseph Klibansky, Marco Bombach, Paula Vincenti, Fernando Bayona, Alicia Czerniak, e.o.

The gallery will start soon with the Street Art Plan because“Art and creativity are important to the economic recovery of Marbella, with this project we have a win- win situation. We will help to make Marbella more attractive by bringing ART in windows of empty shops and offices with the help of the owners, the Town Hall, businesses and the creative community of Marbella.

You will find the Red Penguin Art Gallery at El Capricho on the first floor of El Corte Ingles Marbella. The first professional art gallery ever to have a shop within a El Corte Inglés departments store in Andalucía.

Come and visit us to enjoy our new exhibition!

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