Teeth Whitening

by Paul
(Marbella, Spain)

Teeth whitening in Marbella

Teeth whitening in Marbella

I rarely take the trouble to share my feelings but on this occasion feel it should be done. I have recently had my teeth whitened by Julia Beaumont at a small and very friendly salon called Zest.

I understand she works from a number of salons in the area

Julia was extremely professional and I simply cant believe the difference in my teeth.

I don't smoke but I do enjoy red wine and lots of coffee. My teeth went 8 shades whiter and I just cant stop smiling !!!

Julia can be contacted at julia@marbellabeauty.com

Thank you so much Julia ..... and yes, I promise to cut down on the coffee.

DATE: May 2015

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May 16, 2015
Teeth Whitening
by: Sarah

I saw Julia ... at Hair Works (behind the Casino) and my experience was just the same.....

I thought my teeth were already white .... but the difference was really noticeable. Not a dazzling fake smile ... just lovely white teeth.

I would recommend her for sure

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