Swim with the Dolphines - April 2016

by Kirsty

Good afternoon,

Me and my friend would like to swim with the Dolphins on out visits from the 14th-16th.

Please could you tell me how to book and how much the fee would be please

Many thanks


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Mar 24, 2016
Say no to Selwo Marina & Dolphin Parks & swim experiences

Hi Kirsty,
I can highly recommend any of the dolphin boat trips that are available , either from Gibraltar or Tarifa (which is a lovely day out awesome beach & town) to view these magnificent animals in their natural habitiat is the only way any animal lover should see them. I demonstrate against the dolphin killing in Taiji Japan (the Cove documentary movie will explain how every dolphin in captivity has witnessed the rest of the entire pod family & friends brutally murdered).Swim experiences & captive dolphin Parks are just Sea Circus's .. most decent people no longer attend Circus's with animals as their cruel conditions & performing only through intense beatings has become public knowledge.. Swim experiences are no different , honestly, I know you love animals & us humans want to get up close, but they seriously are not smiling, they perform for food as they are kept starved (trust me I know) ...Please take a boat trip , it's magical & you will get such a buzz from it (I have always seen on every trip & up close). Help spread the word, if you love dolphins, see them in the wild.

Mar 24, 2016
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Dolphins in Gibraltar
Dolphins in Marbella

Hello Kirsty

Thank you for contacting MarbellaFamilyFun.com!

We recommend you contact one either the Dolphins in Gibraltar or
Dolphins in Marbella

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