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by Sandra
(Barcelona) offers you these recommendations to study online from home, which we hope you will find useful:

1.- The first rule of online study is to be clean and dress as you would for In-Person classes. Avoid sitting down to study in your pajamas and start your day with a routine of grooming.

2.- As much as possible, establish two areas in your home, one dedicated to professional work and study, and the other dedicated to leisure. The more you respect the two plots the better.

3.- The study area should be, as much as possible, a comfortable area, with natural light and with everything necessary at hand (computer, paper, pens, books...). Having everything at hand avoids the temptation to leave the study area with any excuse.

4.- The study area is a 'no cover' area, i.e. mobile phones outside! If you have doubts about this recommendation, think about your mobile phone use: For study or leisure?

Establish a daily schedule, divided into smaller bands for the different subjects. It is good to plan spaces for the different subjects and helps to control the internal time dedicated to study, favouring the feeling of progress.

6.- Take advantage of subject changes to take a short break, look up from the screen and do some stretching is very helpful. Do not use your mobile phone yet.

7.- Divide the study area in two and reserve a half-hour break between the two areas to eat something, leave the study area and, now, check your mobile, catch up on social networks or watch the news.

8.- Avoid the danger of feeling alone, participate in the groups, use the forums, contact your colleagues and the teacher/tutor, ask your questions. Loneliness is a great danger for online studying and there are many mechanisms to prevent it, use them!

The other great danger is being disconnected from a subject for a long time; now more than ever, the premise of studying a little every day and avoiding last minute binges is necessary.

10.- Reserve two days a week for rest and some time daily for exercise. Spending long periods of time at home can make us lose track of time and give us the feeling of living in a repetitive and unchanging day.

Having a break of two days a week, if possible consecutively, is necessary to avoid that 'groundhog day' feeling. In the same way, daily exercise helps to maintain muscle tone and promotes the essential rest for study.

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Dec 02, 2020
Good suggestions!
by: Helena

I will try these - makes sense. Thank you!

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