Sting concert in Marbella

Sting concert in Marbella

Sting concert in Marbella

The Sting concert in Marbella is taking place on June 30, 2012 at the Puente Romano Hotel on the Golden Mile.

Sting, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, will extend his world tour to Europe and will be performing in Spain.

The tour started in Vancouver Symphonicity and presents all the hits from Sting redesigned for symphony orchestra. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be conducted by Maestro Steven Mercurio (Pavarotti, Bocelli).

On the occasion of the tour Deutsche Grammophon will release a CD "Symphonicities" this summer with many of the successes of both artist with The Police and solo. The album is produced by Rob Mathes and Sting and mixed by Elliot Scheiner.

Tickets start at 100 euro and may be purchased at

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Jul 01, 2012
Sting in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

Wow! This was an incredible concert. It was amazing to have such a talent in Marbella and the setting at the Puente Romano Tennis Club was phenomenal. We were all gathered on center court and the whole concert felt so intimate.

Sting gave it his all and the audience adored him. The rest of the band members were equally professional and the young violinist stole the spotlight several times with his incredible solos that literally broke the strings off his instrument.

It was our first concert experience at the Puente Romano Tennis Club and I feel that part of the success of the concert here last night was the ambience and location. I am looking forward to more concerts being held here this summer.

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