Spanish Teacher Marbella

by Sergio Ocaña

Spanish Teacher Marbella

Spanish Teacher Marbella

If you or your family are determined to speak Spanish and need to start comunicating as soon as possible, Sergio at Spanish Teacher Marbella is a great way to get started today. Unlike other programmes which require you to commit to a specific number of classes up front, Spanish Teacher Marbella offers you the first class absolutely free , so you can gauge for yourself the benefits of the programme.

Sergio realises that every individual is unique and he has designed this unique approach to address the needs of foreigners of all ages and nationalities. He will listen to your needs and design a course 100% adapted to your needs. He will encourage you to avoid the use of English, so you can gain confidence with Spanish from the first lesson in a friendly atmosphere at your own home or place of business.

With Spanish Teacher Marbella, you will start talking about practical concepts using role playing. You'll soon see that this step-by-step approach enables you to build up to more advanced conversations quite rapidly.

Although the programme makes use of a book and notepad, you'll find that they are used in a dynamic and engaging way. Don't worry, this is not a "back to the classroom" approach requiring rote memorisation and endless hours of grammar!

Sergio has 15 years of experiece and references with numerous students from around the world which are his best guarantee of success.

Spanish Teacher Marbella
Instructor: Sergio Ocaña
Tel: +34 686 890 228
Web: Spanish Teacher Marbella

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Sep 25, 2015
Sergio is great!
by: Anonymous

I highly recommend Sergio and had several lessons with him when I started learning spanish. He is very friendly and personable and you will enjoy your lessons with him. I have been studying by myself since having these lessons with him and have got to a B2 intermediate level. I don't have too much extra tine to study but it is so worth the effort and means i can communicate when we are down in Marbella. Definetly recommend lessons to get you started! How far you progress is really up to you, how much tine you have and how motivated you are but definetly recommend booking a few packages with him!

Sep 23, 2015
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