Spanish School Holiday Calendar 2014/2015

by Marbella Family

Below is the holiday calendar for the 2014/2015 school year for the Spanish school system according to the Ministry of Education in Andalucia. Please bear in mind there could be changes and the schedule may differ slighting depending on the individual school and region.

Andalusia School Year 2014-2015

10 September 2014 - Back to School (infant and primary schools)

15 September 2014 - Back to School (ESO, FP and Bachillerato)

13 October 2014 - National Day (Día Nacional)

1 November 2014 - All Saints' Day (Todos los Santos)

6 December 2014 - Day of the Constitution (Día de la Constitucíon)

8 December 2014 - Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción)

22 December 2014 to 6 January 2015 - Christmas Holiday (Vacaciones de Navidad)

23 February to 27 February 2015 - All Saints Week / Spring Break (Semana Santa)

1 May 2015 - Labour Day (Fiesta del Trabajo)

23 June 2015 - Summer Holidays begin

For more information and updates regarding the 2014/2015 school year for the Spanish school system, please visit Junta de Andalucia

To see the calendar in Spanish go to Malaga Spanish School System Calendar 2014/2015

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