Spanish and Flamenco Intensive Course

by Beatriz Martin

Take your FAN and Get ready for 'La Feria de Marbella'

Have you ever dreamt of dancing flamenco and seducing with a fan? Would you like to be involved in this exciting and authentic Spanish Festival and learn more about local customs and traditions at the same time?

Now, Shine in Spanish offers you the best opportunity to have a great experience and make the most of the 'Feria de Marbella'. We have designed a Spanish and Flamenco Intensive Course which will help you to get ready for this festival. This course includes:

- 10 hours of Spanish private lessons, that will offer you the chance to practise your Spanish with a very friendly and qualified Spanish Teacher, talking about Spanish life in general and its deeply rooted traditions. The lessons will be tailor made, according with the student's interests and level.

- 5 hours of Flamenco Classes which are held in a dance school, taught by a dancer with over 20 years experience who will help you learn the basic flamenco steps, and get ready to dance 'Sevillanas en la Feria'. It will combine 3 private lessons with 2 group lessons, where you could dance with other people who are very keen on flamenco.

Get your course for 320 euros. Available from 19th of May to 15th of June.

Customized course to match each student's profile and needs. Type and number of hours of both Spanish and flamenco is flexible, depending on the student’s requirements.

Contact us and book your Spanish and Flamenco intensive course now!

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