Softlight Marbella

by Genny

Softlight Marbella

Softlight Marbella

Softlight Marbella
Softlight Marbella

The ultimate experience of hair-free skin awaits you!


Remove unwanted hair and get a younger fresher look in a flash with Ellipse light. Used by leading medical professionals and beauticians, Ellipse Systems are known for their long lasting results and respected for their scientifically documented safety and performance.

Have young and vibrant looking skin forever! The intense light pulse treatment will convert light energy into heat energy. The aim is to destroy pigment and difused redness formed on the skin as a result of sun damage and age.

Improve the texture of your skin, expression lines and wrinkles with the new and innovative AGE DEFENSE treatment by Ellipse. A painless procedure using photospray to intensify the absorbtion of pulsed light treatments.

Facial thread veins
A large number of women and men all over the world suffer from facial thread veins. The aim with the Ellipse treatment is to destroy the vessels supplying the thread vein with blood by breaking down the protein in the vessel wall without damaging the surrounding tissue. The result: gradual but quick disappearance of the thread veins.

Following the same steps as with Age-Defense treatments and with the use of a photospray we shall get rid of acne either on the back or facial area. You now have the opportunity of improving the texture of your skin and feeling clean and fresh.


Tel: 629 018 721
Location: San Pedro de Alcantara

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