Sixt rent a car in Marbella

Sixt rent a car has several car hire locations in Spain. Sixt rent a car has over 100 locations in Spain however only one location in the city of Marbella. The location is located near the coast in the NH Hotel Alanda. There you will be able to get the best car hire. You will be able to get luxury to economy making it easy to drive all over Spain with Sixt in Marbella.

For more information about Sixt in Marbella please check out
Sixt Marbella
Address: Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohe 29600 Marbella
Phone #:+34-902-491616

Sixt rent a car is looking to serve you car hire needs in Spain.

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Sep 17, 2018
Dont do Sixt in Marbella :)
by: Seppl Poppa

Do yourself a FAVOR and avoid this Sixt station by all means! Let me share the awful experience I had here:

Booked and picked up a car in Seville Airport where the Sixt emplyee was very professional and friendly. On my way through Andalusia the "check engine" light came on. (The Peugeot had only 6100km on the clock). Marbella was the nearest Sixt station so, after a quick conversation with the hotline, I drove there intending to change the car and avoid any unpleasent surprizes and safely continue the trip with my wife.

The car exchange didn't seem to be a problem at first, the young lady at the conter offering me a Skoda Octavia (petrol) and an Opel Mokka (diesel). I chose the the Opel due to the diesel engine, an option I also had on the first car, the Skoda beeing given to another customer next to me as I waited. At the handover of the Opel Mokka I noticed there where alot (and I really mean alot) of unregistred damages to the car including not only scraches but also dents and a crack in the windshield. But the worst thing of all was the incredible putrid smell inside the car! Due all these factors I refused the car and asked for another replacement, moment at which the lady tried to mitigate the circumstances ( "the check engine light wouldn't be that bad" and "i can not smell anything due to my cold" etc.). It turned out there were no other cars in my booked "class" the Opel Mokka being already an upgrade due to the automatic transmission (duh... couldn't care less about that). The next avaible car would have been an BMW, the lady at the counter laughed nonchalantly saying she could make me an "offer" on that car. That beeing the fivefold amount I paid initaily, without insurance and with limited kilometers. So to resume, Sixt Marbella gave me the following options:
1. Continue driving the initial car with engine problems
2. Accepting an incredible smelly and damaged replacement
3. "Upgradeing" for a whole lot of money to the next available car they had.

This is OUTRAGEOUS if one considers that I bought a rent a car service which wasn't fulfilled (engine problems) and SIXT is useing the opportunity to give its customers inferior cars for the same amount/or class as they call it or offer extremly pricey "upgrades"!!!!

Well this happend today and in lack of any other viable possibility, I took the old car with engine problems back. I still have 6 days and about 1000km of driving ahead. Hopefully nothing bad happens... But this is SIXT, leaving their customers completely out in the open...

As for myself I will never book SIXT again.
As a hint for anyone else, try at least to avoid this incredible bad office in Marbella.
Book at other companies which offer much better experiencies.

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