Russian Ballet School Adagio

by Svetlana
(Marbella, Spain)

Russian Ballet School Adagio

Russian Ballet School Adagio

The Russian Ballet School Adagio offers your children classes based on the program created by Russian State Choreography School. It also offers the possibility to obtain a ballet education based on the classical dance teaching method of A.Y. Vaganova for children of the following ages:

Young Children (3,5 - 5 years of age):
Development of physical capacity (using games)
Development of musicality, sense of rhythm, and artistic interpretation

Preparatory Class (5 - 7 years of age):
Ballet exercises
Postural alignment
Initial learning of themes inmovements, positions and postures of classical ballet
Orientation - pattern of a dance, dance steps...
Aesthetic education of the creative potential of each child

Classical Ballet (8 -12 years of age):
Development and gradual increase of complexity of barre and center exercises
Ballet exercises, stretching, developing turnout, flexibility, stability
Improvement of emotional expression of movements and performance.

Our teachers are certified in the following specialties:

Pedagogue ballet teacher or pedagogue choreographer

Introducing children to the art world and acquire classical comprehension
Being formed and accustomed to an interior discipline and discovering their creative potential.

Our school grants children with a lifelong foundation teaching them about health, elegance, and perception of a creative environment and the pleasure of knowing how to understand art.

“Adagio” Russian Ballet School offers the following optional activities:

Modern Choreography (Modern, Jazz, Hip-hop, Fanky, Fusion, etc.)

For children over 7 years old. Choreography classes – 3 times a week

Ballet (A) Ballet classes adapted for adults.
Simplified classical ballet, which is more effective in weight loss and body maintenance than many aerobic exercises.
Special preparation is not necessary for these classes. It is more important to have the desire to participate in the wonderful world of ballet.

Until now, Fluidity has been exclusive to premier health clubs in New York City where women and men of all fitness levels have learned to use the Fluidity Bar and their own body weight to transform their own physique in ways they never imagined.

This connection of coordinated movements from head to toe stimulates the body to develop muscles of a dancer, the outline of the arms, forearms and shoulders, flat and sculptured abdominals, curved back muscles and buttocks obtaining stronger and more slender legs.

Modern dance

Location: Centro comercial Azalea Centro off the N340 near Tiara and El Embrujo. See map.

Tel: (+34) 664 275 745 or
(+34) 672 262 422



Classical Ballet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday

Modern Choreography Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Young children dance Tuesday and Saturday

Preparatory class Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


Pilates Monday and Friday

Club dance Monday and Friday

Ballet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Fluidity Wednesday

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