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Royal school of music, marbella

We are a highly qualified, dedicated team of music professionals, based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. Through one-to-one tuition or group classes, we help our students to ignite their natural musical talents, to enjoy the process of improvement, and to confidently compete nationally and internationally.

Our music lessons are modern and interactive. They ensure that our students are fully engaged and motivated, whilst they move steadily towards obtaining European certificates of accomplishment (Trinity College). We have also had great success with our online or “hybrid” music lessons, with students meeting their targets even when working with our teachers remotely.

Our teachers are carefully selected, adapting to the unique learning styles of each student to achieve the very best outcomes. 

Royal School of Music provides the following music classes:

· Piano · Guitar · Percussion · Modern singing · Violin · Cello · Double bass · Wind instruments

· Musical language · Rock group · Chamber music · Choir

We highly recommend complementing instrumental classes with musical language. Our musical language lessons use the latest technologies and learning techniques to make them enjoyable.

We believe that home music lessons are more successful as our students are more comfortable in their own surroundings, without disrupting the whole family by running off to another location. 

individual music lessons

Advantages of Individual Music Lessons

Individual music lessons give our students the chance to improve at a more rapid pace. The class structure is personalised to individual preferences, abilities, and interests.

With 100% attention, our Royal School of Music teachers can better understand our students, and help them to choose musical styles that interest them. They, therefore, better connect with the musical piece, resulting in more enjoyment of the lesson and a faster progression of skills.

The learning journey becomes self-directed and self-motivated. This learning approach has been shown to have a long-term positive effect on adult behavior.

Some students prefer individual lessons as they are more confident sharing their doubts or mistakes in a one-to-one situation.

Skills and self-belief soon develop through private classes so that each individual player can confidently perform to a small or large crowd. 

Group music classes

Advantages of Group Music Classes

There are many advantages to joining a group class with the Royal School of Music. Collaborative learning often gives the students the confidence to share their doubts and to resolve them together.

Many children enjoy this sociable, supportive learning environment and thrive as they and their peers succeed together. Creativity is encouraged as the students shed their own insecurities, enjoying the opportunity to explore new music and ideas. In fact, we find that our classes often build children’s confidence inside and outside of the music lesson!

Our Royal School of Music teachers drive the musical curriculum through each class and ensure that the group achieves the objectives set for the course. However, the children’s efforts are always rewarded with fun activities, adjusted to the individual preferences of that particular group. Learning with the Royal School of Music is equally enjoyable, as it is challenging. 

Our student plays the Imperial March from Star Wars on piano. With fantastic dedication and motivation, he has progressed to this impressive standard in only one year.

Online music classes

Royal School of Music helps ease anxiety during times of crisis.

The continuing repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in an increase of anxiety for many families and professionals. The uncertainties of our “new normal” mixed with the prevention of many popular stress-relieving activities have meant that our standard coping mechanisms either no longer exist or are ineffective. Yet The Royal School of Music on the Costa del Sol has managed to continue music lessons throughout lockdown and the subsequent restrictions, giving students a much-needed consistency of classes as they continue to improve their musical skills.

Music has many proven physical and emotional stress-relieving benefits, helping players to disconnect from the demands of their everyday lives. Victor Ryan of The Royal School of Music says “Classical piano playing seems to have the most profoundly relaxing effect. But even some of our more upbeat fun classes have resulted in a better night’s sleep.” He continues by saying, “Many of our clients have said how grateful they are that our online lessons have worked so well. In fact, children’s parents were envious of the diversion and ended up booking their own lessons. Between periods of lockdown or quarantine, some students still liked the ease of having some lessons online and continue in a hybrid learning fashion.”

Royal School of Music provides in-person and online music lessons for the following instruments:
· Piano · Guitar · Percussion · Modern singing · Violin · Cello · Double bass · Wind instruments 


Marbella, 29670.

(We believe in the benefits of home music lessons where our students can be comfortable in their own surroundings) 


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