Romanians in Marbella?

by Alexandra

I am intrested on contacting Romanian people living in Marbella. I want to know an opinion on how they feel there and how they got there.

My husband and I plan to move next year and we will visit for a month in the summer.

Thank you!

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Jan 17, 2015
by: Iuli

Hi there !

I am Romanian and living in Marbella :). Any questions you have I will answer gladly. My email is

Jan 17, 2015
Welcome to Marbella!
by: Marbella Family

Hello Alexandra!

Welcome to our site and we are delighted that you are taking steps to consider Marbella as a home. We have met many Romanian nationals here and I am sure you can get some great feedback from the community.

We recommend you subscribe to our free weekly newsletter and Facebook sites to keep in touch with what is happening in the family community here. We would be glad to offer you guidance on selecting a place to live and, if you have children, schools.

You can find details on these points, below:



All the best to a great introduction to Marbella!

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