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We are interested in enrolling our children in Marbella Montessori School. Can anyone help with reviews? We have only found one. Would be nice to hear what people think as we will be new to the area and don't know anyone yet and schools are a big decision!

Thanks in advance!

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May 10, 2018
A school that my son loves
by: Anonymous

My son attended 1 year in Reception (started the age of 4) and is now year 1 in Primary.
He has loved this school since he visited it the 1st time, which to me has always been the strongest indication/evaluation on the quality of a certain school.
I am not able to judge the details of how they apply the methodology, but I am able to say that my son is progressing each day with his learning, but even more importantly, with his curiosity towards learning.
They really do value and impose respect and discipline (so important for later in life!), they do teach children about the environment and the importance of environment protection. They do teach them about boundaries and consideration.
It is, after all, a school with over 80 students, and how would that be without discipline???
I must say, all the kids that go to this school are very respectful and well mannered and I am sure the school has a lot to do with this.
Obviously, not everything is perfect, but is there any perfection in any other school?
My son loves going there, being there, loves all the activities and in almost 2 years, he has never complaint about the school, the teachers or the friends he has there.
The kids have their own plot of veggies to take care of, they have chicken they feed, they have a massive outdoor area, untouched, so the kids play in an actual forest and step on soil, instead of concrete.
The school has always given me the feeling of a countryside villa, and it really feels like home, so important, especially for the smaller kids. I am not a fan of the big, overwhelming schools, but that is just my opinion.

Apr 03, 2018
Family feel, wonderful little school
by: Anonymous

My son has been attending Marbella Montessori school for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier with his progress and the care he receives.

He started knowing very little English and can now converse fluently with us and his confidence has just flourished!

The staff are all friendly and we have been very impressed with the level of care and respect that both our son and ourselves receive on a daily basis. There are open lines of communication which is a must in my book.

They also offer open sessions where the parents are invited in to interact with their children’s learning and I can affirmatively say that this is without a doubt a Montessori school. The classes are of mixed ages, the materials are present and although the children cannot fully focus on the Montessori method (as we are in Spain and it is not recognised!) it is still very much present.

I strongly feel that the previous comments here are not a true represtation of this school, at least not now. The principal and director only care about the children, that much is evident!

Go and see for yourselves.

Oct 01, 2017
Marbella montessori
by: Anonymous

My son attended this school for 8 long months. I have to agree with the other comment on here, the teachers are not fully accredited montessori teachers and this school IS NOT registered to take montessori student teachers; I know, I checked with Montessori in London.
This school is the worst Montessori my son ever attended. It was a fairly traumatic time for myself, several teachers and about 8 parents realising the incompetence underpinning the way in which this school is run and finally deciding to leave.
If this school was run in Britain, well, it just wouldn't be running fullstop. It wouldn't be allowed to continue. However the sad fact is that this school pulled the wool over all our eyes in terms of its official registration, health and safety requirements, staffing procedures etc..
Finally, the only teacher in the world who has ever called my son (he was 4) nasty to his face (he's really not) and told me in a parent interview that he could be cruel (he's really not) leads this school. I would've expected that sort of comment from other 4 year olds, not the headmistress and I certainly wasn't going to pay for that privilege. Steer clear.

Apr 30, 2016
Inaccurate Review
by: Anonymous

As Marbella Montessori provides early education up to the age of 11, it cannot operate as a true and authentic Montessori school in Spain.

- All classes are of mixed ages
- It is not an AMI school
- In addition to Montessori, the children have to follow the EYFS and English National Curriculum
- There is a comprehensive selection of Montessori equipment for all areas of learning.
- There are fully qualified Montessori teachers.
- The school’s first core value is Respect; to one another and to the environment
- There are no award or punishment systems.
- The school is an authorized Montessori teacher training centre

Apr 08, 2016
Not at all a Montessori school
by: Anonymous


I have to say that this is not really a Montessori school.

They are a British school that uses the Montessori 'ethos' as they like to say in some areas.

There are some things that define authentic Montessori schools:

- Mix of ages: 3 - 6. Marbella Montessori only does this mix with 3 and 4 years old. Then, the 5 years old go to a normal class.

- The 3 hour uninterrupted working period. Marbella Montessori does not practice this since their teachers are most of the time interrupting children concentration by claiming them to take them to some other activities.

- Certified teachers (AMI preferable). Marbella Montessori does not have one teacher that is certified. Some of them have done only a 3 months training.

- Environment and materials. They do not have all the Montessori materials needed for children to follow the Montessori curriculum. They only have some practical life materials, some sensorial and almost none of maths, geography, language.

And above all, there is no respect for children. I know for certain that teachers are yelling at children all around, that they use rewards and punishment system and that they tell of children for behaving like children instead of trying to understand the reasons behind their actions.

But, their name, after all is:

Marbella Montessori School
A BRITISH school for children...

Nov 12, 2014
Marbella Montessori - beautiful new facility
by: Marbella Family


I visited Marbella Montessori last week and was very impressed with the environment they have created in their facility and team. The founders of the Montessori program are from the U.K. and had previously taught there.

It is an architecturally beautiful building on a large plot of land. The interior of the building is bright and well lit and has high ceilings.

The food preparation are was clean and the food was natural and healthy.

On the grounds they have a garden, lots of ecological play areas and a pen for small animals (rabbits).

If you're looking for a Montessori program in Marbella, I would definitely recommend taking a closer look at Marbella Montessori.


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