Relay Race Swimming Competition


swimming competition

swimming competition

For the third year running, having had amazing experiences of previous editions, the 26th of December, from 9.00am, the we will hold our Third Relay Swim 100x100.



The 100x100 test is a swimming competition for teams of at least 10 swimmers. They will have to swim a distance of 10,000 meters in 100 meters relay swimming.


Location: Indoor Pool SerranoLlima Antonio Sports Complex.

Date: Saturday, December 26
Entrance from 9.00am
Departure. at 9.30am.

Organizers: Sports Delegation, Padel School Javier Mérida and San Pedro Athletic Club


16 male, female or mixed at any age.

They can participate at any age grouping up in the category Benjamin modalidada 50x50.


Registration can be done by sending an email to, indicating:

Name of the team
Name and phone number of the person responsible
Full name of the 10 team members

If you can’t complete a team and want to participate you can still sign up and we will assign you one.

5. FEE

Single registration fee per team € 50 or € 5 per individual participant., Which will go to the FUNDATUL Care Foundation.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 23th of December, depending on how many teams we form, it may be extended.


- Each team must bring one delegate, who may be one which does not participate, which must register the partial and total time your team members.

- There will be judges of the organization to oversee the records of the delegates.

- 2 'minute penalties for those who exit before another member of your team touches the wall of the pool.

- 5 'minute penalty to the team who´s delegate has a try at cheating on the time.

- The competition takes place with 2 teams in each street.

- Mandatory use of goggles.


- Changing rooms and showers.

Trophy for the first three teams in each category.

* The organization reserves the right to modify this regulations.

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Dec 17, 2015
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