Register a Campervan with German Plates to Spain as a student/ tourist

by Johnny

Hello People

I am a Greek Citizen who is accepted in a Master's Programme in Barcelona, Spain. I own a Campervan with Germanplates which i bought from Poland.

Should I register it to Greece or Spain? I want to use it in Spain for my studies and I have seen that the european's union countries accept 1 year or more reigistration-free vehicles for abroad students in the official europa website. Is that true? That would help me get the money to register it to spain afterwards.

If not, can i register it as a tourist without out registering it to greece?

Or finally, can i have it parked without moving it at all or i can move it under some circumstances for some days of the month etc?

(If I own a company in Bulgary or Greece is that a problem or only working in spain is a reason to register?)


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