Recommended Spanish classes for kids?

by Shiri Shemer

Spanish classes for kids

Spanish classes for kids

Can anyone recommended Spanish classes for kids in and around Marbella?

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Jun 12, 2017
Spanish private lessons Marbella
by: Bea, Shine in Spanish

Because my goal is to make you enjoy learning Spanish and immerse yourself into Spanish life and culture. I offer communicative lessons which are very interactive, where the variety of resources, videos, activities, games and ideas used in class, surprise you and encourage your participation , making you speak from the start.

Lessons for kids

Make your children have fun while they learn Spanish with our Spanish for kids lessons. Forget the old school, endless vocabulary lists, traditional texbooks and working individually. The idea is kids to learn by doing what they like to do, PLAYING, CREATING and TALKING with other kids.

In this way, they feel Spanish language is very useful in their lives and they associate Spanish with good moments, so their learning process is highly effective.
Each lesson is planned carefully with aims, relevant grammar and vocabulary points, and interesting topics depending on the students’ age, so children find them useful. In addition, I take into account that each child has different tastes and motivations, therefore, adapts each lesson to each kid or group.

Contact me for more information o visit my website.


Jun 09, 2017
Spanish teacher
by: Francine

Everything under the sun Marbella has an excellent Spanish teacher. Find us on FB or visit

Mar 23, 2017
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